Introduction: Make Power Tool Trigger in 5 Min

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Need to keep your power tool triggered for long(for the various diy projects like belt sander cutter) you need to make this

Step 1: Gather You Materials

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All you gonna need is :

  • a long bolt with 3 nuts(preferred between 7 mm~10 mm)and 100 mm length
  • drill bit of same size
  • a piece of wood(5~7 mm)
  • Velcro(300mm of soft and 100 mm of hard)
  • drill machine
  • glue gun(optional)

Step 2: Velcro

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Take one end and to the opposite side sew of glue the Velcro together

Step 3: Cut Hole for the Bolt

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Cut the Velcro from the center and insert the bolt with its head on the soft side of Velcro and sandwich the Velcro between the nuts

Step 4: Support to Machine

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Drill the hole in the wooden piece and hammer it to the end of the bolt

Step 5: Action

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You now have a handy tool for your tool


dmwatkins (author)2017-02-16

Nice! I've always used a C-clamp, but I like your version better. Thanks!

sanyam jain (author)dmwatkins2017-02-16

:D if you like it please vote for it

dmwatkins (author)sanyam jain2017-02-19


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