I've wanted to create some custom stamps for a while using 3d printing (somehow) and this is as easy as it gets! This tutorial is already assuming that you have your 3d printed object ready to be used to make a stamp from i.e. coin, logo etc. BUT you can really use any objects you have to make stamp impressions from.

What I like about this process is that you don't have to have a reversed image to create a stamp from which is typically how you would go about it in 3d printing straight to use. When using this process, you can take any existing object and make a stamp from it! This is the main reason why I chose to use this process for a quick and easy stamp using a 3d printed piece.

Tip: if you're creating a 3d printed object from scratch, any areas you want raised (to have the most ink) make sure that those areas are cutout or recessed and vice versa.

Step 1: Supplies

To get started, you will need:

  • Magic Stamp Foam Blocks (4in by 3in by 1in) - 8 pack sold on Overstock for $8.99 
  • Your 3D Printed object or ANY object
  • Embossing Heat Tool or Hair Dryer
  • Ink/Stamp Pad
I've included a quick video of my Afinia 3d printer printing my 'SF MADE' logo for a custom stamp. It's a 3d printer with SF on the build platform!
<p>Good idea! You might be interested to know that you can use old flip flops or foam swimming boards to do the same thing. No need to buy the special foam.</p>

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