Picture of Make Unique Fully Functioning Tattoo Foot Pedal
Unfortionatly I made this without taking pictures along the way, so i will try and explain how to build it

You will need:
-Wrenchs ( various Sizes)
-Nuts and Bolts
-Crib Board

This is a very simple switch in which by pressing the wrench in contact with the base, completes the circuit and activiates your tattoo machine

Step 1: Putting It All Together

Picture of Putting It All Together
backview plain.JPG
  •  first cut the crib board in half, sanded both edges round.
  • then took a 7/8 wrench, cut it by both ends taking a 2.5" section out, which is used for the base of the stand.weld both ends back togeth making a shorter wrench
  • take two other wrenches and cut them 3/4" from the open end. and tac weld them onto the wrench up at 90 degrees
  • Drill all the neccasary holes needed for the bolts i.e. two at the back. one in the centre, one for the spring one for the front base plate and two for the front legs
  • make wire hookup  tabs using nuts and bolts and welding and grinding
Sonoffar1 year ago
A great design. The components are stout enough, and look good enough, to be used for a lot more applications than a tattoo gun. How about a tig welder? or any other on/off activity that could use a foot operated switch?
Thanks for the "nother" idea.
Very cool design and execution. If you're a tattooist, please, run any lettering pieces you might be doing through a spell checker first.
bg_askins3 years ago
i know what my tattoo guy is getting for his b-day!
sweet, recently made a compression foot pedal switch for a tattooing buddy of mine, this is a interesting take
Dr.Duckhunt (author) 3 years ago
thanks guys
that is sick man! great job.
Tux0r3 years ago
I like your style man, I think it might also be interesting to see what it would look like if you heated the base wrench and bent it instead of chopping and welding. Though, it does have a nice "chopshop" look.