Introduction: Make Vista Menu's , Startbar and More Look Like Mac OS X Leopard

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 Im going to show you an easy Tutorial on how to make Vista look like Mac OS X Visually

Heres some info you should Know:

You CAN change it back to normal

you do NOT need to replace any system files


Lets get started...

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Step 1: Step One

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 First step is Always easiest...

Download this...

Please ignore the link (the Purchase.asp part)  it has a free Version/Trial

The trial lasts 30 day.. when it runs out Re-Download it.... Re-Install.. Use it again

Step 2: Step Two

 You've got windows blinds..

Installed it?
well do that now

After its installed you need the Mac theme.... A.K.A Leopard V mod

I think this is the closest thing you will find to Mac OS X Leopard on Vista theme

Download it - Here

to install it Just double click it

Then open WindowsBlinds

Then Apply the New theme

Step 3: Congrads You're Done

 Hope you like the new Style of you're Vista

To change it back just go into windows blinds and select Windows Default


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