Introduction: Make Win Xp Look and Feel Like Vista

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Well the title really says it all.

Please note that this is my first instructable. =)

I have found a vista curser thingy

**I give credit to "Xellers" for finding the curser...
so check it out for an awesome vista curser
thanks Xellers!

Step 1: Some Installing Needed: Part 1

Picture of Some Installing Needed: Part 1

You're going to need to install "ViOrb"
After you install, i would copy the icon and put on the desktop

Follow the pictures

Step 2: Some Installing Needed: Part 2

Picture of Some Installing Needed: Part 2

Now you're going to need to install "ViStart"
Some of the buttons won't work on the vista start menu.
After you install, i would copy the icon and put on the desktop

Follow the pictures.

Step 3: Some Installing Needed: Part 3

Picture of Some Installing Needed: Part 3

More stuff to install.............

Follow the picture.

Step 4: Some Installing Needed: Part 4

Picture of Some Installing Needed: Part 4

One last thing!!!
Windows Aero Theme
After you install, i would copy the icon and put on the desktop

Follow the pictures

Step 5: Turning It All On!

Picture of Turning It All On!

For "ViOrb" "ViStart" and "Vista Areo" just double click on the icons.

For the black taskbar follow the pictures (note: this is in the "control panel ")

Step 6: Done!!!

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account3r2 (author)2010-03-21

Great! How do I change it back?
please reply

davidturner666 (author)2008-07-04

Wouldnt print screens be better.

One would think. But who are we to offer advice.

aye, rather we must consult the gods of the land of lollipop 'puters. oh how i wish there were more people like we (computer literate)

well my dad won't throw things away... and won't get new updated stuff...

He meant as in hitting the key that says Print Screen | SysRq that takes a screenshot of your desktop as you see on screen, open paint and hit paste, you can then crop it to your liking...

ooooo... never thought of that...

Just makes the pic's a lot tidier...

K1996S (author)2009-03-26

could u plz tell me how exactly i install the theme

mrmoneybagss (author)K1996S2009-03-26

just put this:

into the address bar

and press the download button

cpuguru55555 (author)2008-11-12

i am having trouble with the aero bar. can someone please respond? iam doing a vista remodeling for my bro and i need it!!!

ok so what are u having trouble with?

the areo bar but i got it

RageAgainstJack15 (author)2008-09-18

cant read a thing

sosoz i didn't know how to use print screen thingy at the time... could you read the yellow box thingys?

oh yeah, didn't see those at the time. Thanks

C1337us (author)2008-07-09

Learn to printscreen...

xACIDITYx (author)2008-07-09


Erik Lindemann (author)2008-07-04

If you want Vista, get Vista. Now that SP1 is out, Vista's performance now (just barely) surpasses XP. Not to mention that these modifications don't add the one real reason to get Vista, the Sidebar. I can't use XP anymore because of the lack of Windows Sidebar.

log63 (author)Erik Lindemann2008-07-05

If you download Google Desktop for XP, it includes a sidebar that you could use.

mrmoneybagss (author)log632008-07-08

h**l no! dude if u use that thing ur dumb... it makes ur computer extra slow and my computer is already slow!

I couldn't agree with you more. At least Vista's sidebar is very minimal in CPU usage and RAM. My mom installed Google desktop and regretted it until she reformatted.

log63 (author)mrmoneybagss2008-07-08

Yeah we had that at first but we deleted it after a while

You can get xp sidebars. sidebars havent been magically invented with vista you know.

Well they were first implemented with Vista, and have since been ported.

lol, ever heard of yahoo widgets. been around for ages.

well i happen to have a cd that is from about 2004-2005 that has sidebar programs on it.

I can get a sidebar, my brother installed it, I removed it after getting annoyed at it, mainly using shortcuts is easier for moi... However it's a version of vista inspirat if I'm not mistaken...

Yeah, you can get one. My main point is that there are so many people out there that are afraid to switch to Vista for one reason or another, when there's nothing to fear. Everyone (running Windows) is going to have to surrender to it by 2010 if they want support for their OS.

Ah well now, there are too many computers out there that can't hack it without a simple ram upgrade, which is simple, that said people wont pay store prices to have it done but fear doing it themselves... My computer can't hack vista, I know that, I do like the styling to some extent so I used a decent converter, rather than a tonne of separate programs, made sure it wouldn't eat extra memory... When the time is right I'll swap over, either on a new comp or after some upgrading, since this still has a fast processor and a decent HDD. That and I havn't had any use of windows support from the beginning, I got it a while after XP was out and once the bugs are all out there isn't that much goes wrong, it's still more stable in it's own right... On the other hand I'm tempted by both Mac and linux, macs for their graphic and video capabilities, which make up a good portion of how I us a 'puter, then using linux just seems sensible, something infinitely more flexible than windows, hell I can put it on a phone, *wait windows did that, they're getting there now but a chinese N+95 would be an excellent platform...

Linux is good and i have only managed to crash it once. I did a test on my old laptop, which is from 1998 i think and i tryed to run 23 versions of a linux game at once. It could handle 22 but the last one crashed it. I just used the kill command and it was fine. Macs are Linux stability crossed with Windows program acceptibility(most of the time) But they are expensive.

Aye, probably convert this one to linux if I can ever afford a lappytop, at the moment I'm working towards other more important goals... and getting a new job...

obamafan (author)2008-07-05

Just so long as it doesn't work like Vista (buggy as hell, sloooooooooow, unreliable, memory hog like ME was). Nevertheless, cool instructable.

mrmoneybagss (author)obamafan2008-07-08

nope same win xp same fastness just uses like 3mega bytes

joejoerowley (author)2008-07-05

I don't need any real software to get vista because I all ready have a virus which is slowing down my computer.

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