Picture of Make Windows Icon Files With Photoshop
This is how to make windows icon files with photoshop.
It is a simple process like just making an image but you need a plug-in.
Attached is the Plug-in.

How to Make a Cursor:
Learn to Make a Custom Cursor
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Step 1: Open Explorer

Picture of Open Explorer
Go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins\File Formats\
Put the plugin given at the beginning in there.
Then Open Photoshop

Step 2: Edit Like Normal File

Picture of Edit Like Normal File
Just make what you want the icon to be.
You probably want to start with a transparent background.

Step 3: Save As .ICO

Picture of Save As .ICO
Save the file as an .ICO file.

Step 4: Apply Icon

Picture of Apply Icon
1.Go to a folder or shortcut and right click and press properties.
2.Then go to the customize tab.
3. Then press "Change Icon..."
4.Then find your icon and press ok through.

Step 5: Done

Picture of Done
Look at that sweet Smiley Icon
Hemuraje1 year ago
How to save ICON file in Windows8. I am using Photoshop CS2
Beest9212 years ago
You are awesome! I've been trying to do this for years! Thanks!
jsmitluv3 years ago
thankzzzz dude ....♥
dmartin223 years ago
sorry, "additional module - entrypoint"
dmartin223 years ago
i cant save it as .ico it pops up saying it could find to "zusatz modul" (additional module)
ofaruk3 years ago
I was searching for this for long time, uncountable thanks for full filling my requirement.
sansari13 years ago
Easy to do ! Great tip !
mwijesena3 years ago
It works for me ..
For You4 years ago
Hi .,
Its not working for me ., i am using Adobe Photoshop CS5 x32 Pre-Release Portable ., and i have copied the pulig-in to FILE FORMAT folder and remane the plugin to ICO.8bi ., still am not getting an option to save as ".ICO" ., please help me .,

thanks in advance.,
hey just try to download it once again, i mean, with my site suggestion. then try to check on your "about plug in" in your photoshop toolbar "help". if you see icon(windows) on the list then it's work.good luck!
donghaelee4 years ago
well actually i never tried yours,,but i get my plug-in for save as an .ico with my photosop in this site by the way i use photosop CS version 8.0
seth214 years ago
ahoy there!!! ive tried to save my file AND it FAILS to SAVE. it says file could not be saved *blahblah* because of a DISK ERROR.... so please help?
thanks in advance
xcolex10044 years ago
ive stayed at that resort b4
mad5554 years ago
many thanks
Superrrrrrrr It works very fine.........
i like this iocn making plugin its truly worked
tylerwatt125 years ago
 doesnt work with CS4 : (
matstermind5 years ago
worked with CS3 thanks 5*
Did you have any problems with it to start with?
I have CS3 but keep getting an error message each time I try to save it:

Could not save as "\...\Logo_White - Small - Co..\" because the file could not be found.

Any Ideas??
no idea
ganimo5 years ago
It didn't work for me in Photoshop Elements 5.0 but it did work in Paint. Thanks Trans_Am! :)
tylerwatt125 years ago
how good is transparency, does it look jagged on a smooth graphic?
Roboticalx5 years ago
It didn't work. When I try to apply it it says no icons exist in this folder. <_<
Blue_Eagle6 years ago
to be able to save as .ico on cs3 extended u need to create the file as 32x32 before u start otherwise the save as extension doesnt show up
robots1996 years ago
Works With Elements 7
The embedded file is not compatible with CS3 Extended.
Dear martyr, I have the same problem. Did you ever get a solution?
worked for me with Ps CS3. Thanks Poopster - EXACTLY what I was looking for :)
zeero3607 years ago
how do you get the customize tab cos i dont hve it
rcg407 years ago
I have used freeware Irfranview for many things and today I reduced a jpg photo to 45 x 45 and did save as thing.ico The I went to the properties of something on my desktop and chose thing.ico as its icon and went on my way. It worked! Maybe I'm lucky
Yueh167 years ago
Where did you get the program to make the icon at step one? Is there a way to download it for free?
its called photoshop and ther is a free version at
does it work with gimp?
crestind8 years ago
Cool! Could you update with some other useful plug-ins perhaps? And would making an animated cursor in ImageReady basically be the same as making an animated GIF but saving as .cur?

For some awesome Vista icons! Hi-Res.
(Orange Vista WMP11 logo=ugly)
poopster101 (author) 8 years ago
thankz for all the feedback guys! im glad u enjoy it
Mr.Asmith98 years ago
Sweet, I'v been wanting to know how to do something like that!
Trans_Am8 years ago
You know this can be done with paint, right? You just have to set the frame size to 30 pixels square. (or maybe it's 31)
it's 32x32 for a standard desktop. Also, when you do this, you can't have something be partially transparent on the icon (shadows etc). If the pixel is even slightly transparent, Windows will read that as completely transparent. At least on my desktop.