Introduction: Make Windows Look Like OS X 10.5 Pt. 2

Make Windows look like OS X 10.5 part 2

Step 1: New Icons

here are some new icons

Step 2: Frontrow

it is very important to follow the read me instructions carefully

Step 3:

Font book i dont really use it but it is a mac app
address book is really useful

Step 4: Parallels

makes it look like your running XP on a virtual PC

Important that you put the folder in your c drive

Step 5: Expose and Spaces

Step 6: Leftsider and Yzshadow

leftsider puts the close minimize and maximize on the left side

yzshadow makes the taskbar transparent

Step 7: WorkArea

reserves screen space

Step 8: Run App Indicator

mac realistic indicator
use this as a default Indicator
if you us rocket dock it is here
C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Defaults\DefaultIndicator

Step 9: Iconpackager

i have made a set of icons for iconpackager
i also found a coverflow app


Ward_Nox made it! (author)2009-04-15

eaasyer way uninstal windows install OS 10 and have the bonus of an OS that Actually works good AND looks good

mikecass made it! (author)mikecass2011-02-27

Uhm, If you want to get technical. You cannot install a genuine copy of Mac OS X On a Windows machine. First of all, BootMbr would not support it. Nor does mac support NTFS. So right there you would need to get another hdd to format it to apple journaled. Second, with AMD, Its entirely impossible, unless you have a mod.

REA made it! (author)REA2009-05-22

depends on what Windows version your running. if you have Vista i strongly recommend this. if its XP, its optional but NOT really something that NEEDS to be done.

Kuhan made it! (author)Kuhan2009-06-13

you could just dual-boot Windows XP, Vista, or 7 with OSX...

REA made it! (author)REA2009-06-13

face it, Vista sucks. i almost became an iTard (mac lover) because of it.

steven93 made it! (author)steven932009-06-13

Vista does suck I'm geting a mac when I can pay for a new one one

ZirconiumX made it! (author)2010-12-16

I'm using 10.4 and AFAIK 10.5 doesn't have a transparent taskbar.

ZirconiumX made it! (author)2010-12-16

Pic 1: DiTunes :D

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