Make Windows Look Like OS X 10.5





Introduction: Make Windows Look Like OS X 10.5

ill show you how to make windows look like mac

Step 1: What U Need

This is what you will need
-a web browser
-Finder Bar from
-Mac CD Burner from
-CD Burner up date
-Mac Clock here
-Mac Sound here
-something called Desktop4ever here
All of the above except windows and a ebb browser can be found here
there is also a spotlight program but it doesn't look good with this theme
-a dock like rocket dock
-if you use rocket dock here are somethings for it:
-leopard theme
-stalk docket
-a finder program
-Safari you can download here
-and i Tunes here
-Yahoo Widgets you can download at
and here are some icons

there are other dock programs like rklauncher or object dock

Step 2: FireFox

you can download Firefox here
they have a OS X theme some where I cant find this one again.

Step 3: Now

once you have downloaded and installed these you can use these

the first one:
-mouse pointers

the second one:
-something to make pngs reflective

Step 4: Larger Icons

to make the icons larger
-1right click go to properties
-4click the first desktop drop down arrow and change it from desk top to icon
-5change the number from what ever it is to 45 now click ok.

Step 5: Make Windows Look Like OS X 10.5 Pt. 2

take a look at my second Instructiable.



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    This is the ultimate instructable for windows to mac no WINDOWS in sight

     Hey man, can you update the finder bar link, it's telling me that it's no longer available. Thanks!

    how did you get the back buttons and stuff to look like a mac. the finder link is broke!

    The finder program wont work on my computer. Can it run on vista?

    1 reply

    Ok, nvm. I found another way to make a finder.

    RKlauncher is much better than rocket dock, and it comes with a lot of leopard themed reflective icons, so the dock looks much more realistic.

    3 replies

    I like the settings in rocket dock better than RKlauncher, and you can always download icons off the internet. this is rocket dock with with some new icons and a new theme

    rocket dock.png

    you can use icons, themes, and docklets you download for rocket dock with any dock application. I know, because I've used and made themes that work on both.

    Also, there is leftsider, which puts the close, minimize, and maximize buttons on the left side of the window, like in macs

    1 reply

    It looks nice, but it has issues, if you really want a good leftsider use true transparency with the leopardxp theme you can find them here

    thanks this is my first instructable

    Every download link beginning with doesn't work. I get a page stating "This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos®Network Site, and is not available for download. Please check out Tripod's Help system for more information about Remote Loading and our Remote Loading policy. "