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This is my first experiment with alternative energy.
1. Heat the wood (preferably dry)
2. Collect the products made until tar starts coming out the end of the steel pipe
This setup produces methanol, wood gas, a tar-like substance, and charcoal
Visit for complete instructions.


BG_instructs (author)2014-01-03

Wha can you do with woodgas? Can you stock it? Is this worth trying or is it a financial nogo thing?

I mean, can you use the woodgas for heating,or is the heat put into the pressure pan higher than the heat the woodgas can generate?

The idea is great; burn wood, get gas and charcoal, but only if it costs less to make it than what it can generate afterwards?

Askalon (author)BG_instructs2014-06-11

Methanol is one of the ingredients needed in making Upsalite, an incredible MgO material with many potential applications.

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