Make Wooden Pencils





Introduction: Make Wooden Pencils

Quick and easy woodworking project anybody can do with a tablesaw and a router. A perfect way to get rid of the scraps you have lying around.

Step 1: Cutting Pencil Blanks

Cut two thin strips of your favorite wood. Size doesn't matter yet as we'll be cutting down to size in a later step.

Step 2: Route Groove

Using a v-groove bit route a very small channel in each piece. This will be used to hold the pencil lead.

Step 3: Drawing Leads

For the graphite I'm using drawing leads I picked up from Amazon.

Step 4: Gluing Up

Add plenty of wood glue to each half and insert the drawing lead in the groove.

Step 5: Clamp It Up

Now clamp tightly and let dry for at least one hour.

Step 6: Cutting Down to Size

Now you can cut your pencil down to size. I found an existing pencil and used that as my size guide.

Step 7: Cutting to Length

Then cut the pencil to length. Here in the photo I'm cutting all my pencils at once.

Step 8: Sanding

Using a jig with adhesive backed sandpaper and two pieces of wood angled at 120°, I sand some angles to create a hexagon shape.

Step 9: Finishing

Optional: add a coat of polyurethane to bring out the beauty of the wood and add a bit of protection.

Step 10: Dip in Paint

Optional: Dip the end in white paint for a decorative look. I angled my dip for an added effect.

Step 11: Sharpen Your Pencil

And finally sharpen away! I did find that some exotic woods are very hard and takes a bit of force to sharpen.



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    These guys look almost too pretty to use! Thanks for sharing :)

    These guys look almost too pretty to use! Thanks for sharing :)

    That's cool! Fantastic 'ible, too :)

    Nice! You could also try putting the pencil in an electric screwdriver and sand it that way as if you were using it on a lathe.

    Nice! Your video editing skills are really good!

    Only a small problem... Are you even going to use them? Why ruin them? ;)

    This project will really put lead in your pencil.

    I'd love to buy these...I don't suppose you have some to sell? For those of us who are into recycling, it's a brilliant idea for a small business!!!

    those of us without a table saw, router or any idea what they are lol kidding but serious about buying!