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Introduction: Make Wooden Pencils

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Quick and easy woodworking project anybody can do with a tablesaw and a router. A perfect way to get rid of the scraps you have lying around.

Step 1: Cutting Pencil Blanks

Cut two thin strips of your favorite wood. Size doesn't matter yet as we'll be cutting down to size in a later step.

Step 2: Route Groove

Using a v-groove bit route a very small channel in each piece. This will be used to hold the pencil lead.

Step 3: Drawing Leads

For the graphite I'm using drawing leads I picked up from Amazon.

Step 4: Gluing Up

Add plenty of wood glue to each half and insert the drawing lead in the groove.

Step 5: Clamp It Up

Now clamp tightly and let dry for at least one hour.

Step 6: Cutting Down to Size

Now you can cut your pencil down to size. I found an existing pencil and used that as my size guide.

Step 7: Cutting to Length

Then cut the pencil to length. Here in the photo I'm cutting all my pencils at once.

Step 8: Sanding

Using a jig with adhesive backed sandpaper and two pieces of wood angled at 120°, I sand some angles to create a hexagon shape.

Step 9: Finishing

Optional: add a coat of polyurethane to bring out the beauty of the wood and add a bit of protection.

Step 10: Dip in Paint

Optional: Dip the end in white paint for a decorative look. I angled my dip for an added effect.

Step 11: Sharpen Your Pencil

And finally sharpen away! I did find that some exotic woods are very hard and takes a bit of force to sharpen.



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    23 Discussions

    These guys look almost too pretty to use! Thanks for sharing :)

    These guys look almost too pretty to use! Thanks for sharing :)

    That's cool! Fantastic 'ible, too :)

    Nice! You could also try putting the pencil in an electric screwdriver and sand it that way as if you were using it on a lathe.

    Nice! Your video editing skills are really good!

    Only a small problem... Are you even going to use them? Why ruin them? ;)


    2 years ago

    This project will really put lead in your pencil.

    I'd love to buy these...I don't suppose you have some to sell? For those of us who are into recycling, it's a brilliant idea for a small business!!!

    1 reply

    those of us without a table saw, router or any idea what they are lol kidding but serious about buying!

    Great, thanks for it.

    hi, great job. it would be good to get some quality lead pieces. the pencils you buy today are usually crap.not like the old days, a good hb pencil would write till it wore down and then you could sharpen them without the lead breaking and falling out. i think i will make some inquiries about good lead lengths and make a few pencils. eastcoaster53

    What kind of router bit did you use? Size?



    2 years ago


    Simple and effective. I like it


    2 years ago

    If you have a jointer, you could angle the jointer fence and get a six-side finish pretty easy. Nice idea and execution anyway.

    Not sure what my uncle would say if he saw me using his cocobolo and ebony stash to make pencils but I think he'd approve.

    The sanding bit is very clever. Awesome work. :D