Introduction: Make Wooden Reindeer From Tree Branches

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Didn't not feel up to hanging light this year, but still wanted to one up the jones.  bust out your saw and drill and make yourself a sweet reindeer.

This project takes a couple hours, and should cost very little.


large brach 4-6 inches wide, cut into 2 section (body & Head)
Smaller branches 2in wide, cut into 4 legs and Neck

Drill with 2in wood bit

Drill 4 holes in body for legs, place at 45 degree angles ----> /"\

Drill hole in head and top for body for the neck 

Attach and glue all parts into place.

Step 2: Red Nose

Picture of Red Nose

buy a cheap red keychain LED and hot glue in place for the nose.


instructables012108 (author)2014-10-25

Nicely done! I'll give it a try.

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