Make Your Bike ROAR!





Introduction: Make Your Bike ROAR!

Make your bike roar like a motorcycle using just a piece of plastic!

This is an old trick my Dad taught me, though I'm sure many of you have done this before. It will make your bike make a sound like a motorcycle when you go, and the faster you go, the louder it gets!

Stuff you'll need:
A piece of plastic, like an ice cream bucket lid.
Tape, duct tape works best, remember, this is on your bike so it will be outside.
A bike, of course.

Could someone make a video with the sound of this thing? I would make one myself but I'm on dial-up so I can't upload video.

Step 1: Make the Flapper

For the piece of plastic, an ice cream bucket lid works great. Other reasonably stiff pieces of plastic will work too, but make sure you don't use one that's too stiff or it might damage the spokes on your bike. I couldn't find an ice cream lid when I started making this instructable, so I used two bendier sour cream lids (I later found an ice cream lid, that's what the yellow ones are from).

Get the piece of plastic, and cut out a piece about four inches long by one inch wide. You can make multiple ones too, it might make it louder (I've never used more than one at once though).

Step 2: Attach Flapper to Bike

Ok, now you need your bike. Place the flapper on the rear forks (you can put it on the front forks, but the engine on a bike is more at the back), with one end wrapped around it a bit, and the other pointing right in to the wheel. Make sure you put it on the side where the gears aren't. Before taping it down, you should spin the wheel to make sure it hits the spokes. This is what will make the sound.

There's a bunch of pictures for this step, look at them for detailed instructions on taping down the piece of plastic.

I made a mistake when doing this. Make sure the piece of plastic is pointing much more downwards, not up like it is in the pictures. Otherwise it will make a really gay high pitched sound because it is snapping back too much and hitting the spokes.



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    Make Your Bike ROAR!

    60 yrs ago we used baseball cards with a clothes pin

    OOoh! I will have to try this! :D

    i saw this old idea from when i was akid
    made the one in my pics out of a small chocolate tin with a removable lid. a flat piece of very tough polyethylene storage tub plastic goes thru it in a slot. Inside a bit of wood traps the flapper and it is scrwed so it won't come out. lid is screwd on also with self tapping metal screws. The box is mounted to bike back frame with a bent bit of old door hinge.
    This one I made is 20 X louder than the old playing card ones we had!
    My nephew rides the bike and you can hear him coming 1/2 a block away!!

    PS acommercial " exhaust pipe is in toy shops with a faux plastic exhaust attached. This one blows it out the water!
    Cost nil old junk value guys. Hope the vid works etc.
    Tassie 2 Australia


    the metal tin makes the noise resonate and it sort of vibrates as well.

    The two holes in side are about 3/4 inch diameter punched into tin with wad punch.

    The flapper is like a double finger shape where it catches the spokes. by changing the shape and hang past on spokes, and also the flapper materials you can alter the sounds. The commercial one has 3 or 4 different cards you snap into a holder for different sounds. A video on u tube shows that one. This one .. advantages,,, cheap and cheerful. made of junk. what more could a noisy young Fonzie want!

    PS the bike is a really neat bmx with simulated motorbike fairings, swingarm type rear end, disc brakes, and adjustable centre rear coil strut suspension.

    Cost me 30 bucks from a charity shop down under!

    The great things kids these days have to play with !

    tassie2 (a 50yo old fart tinkerer from aussie! )

     of course you have to use duct tape its the bomb nothing beats duct tape 

    the Louder option: (if you don't have a 1000 wheelset) is to wedge a half crushed 1 liter soda bottle in between the seat stay and the spokes.

    This would be fun to do to my bike and take it to the Velodrome (track)
    The people would freak out as I went ripping past them with this thing installed!

    Great instructable

    Cool! Haven't seen this in 30 years. Back then we used playing cards and clothes-pins. I think I'll do this to my kids bikes.

    I hate to think how many baseball cards and clothes pins I ruined as a kid doing the same thing!

    I had always used a pop can. I would bend it over the back tire and the rear fork would keep it in place