Introduction: Make Your Fidget Spinner Spin Longer

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Recently i had bought myself a Fidget Spinner for a cheap rate of 50 rupees.

To my surprise ,when put to test it was very hard to spin the fidget and would not even complete more than 1 rotation.

So i decided to open up my spinner and inspect the ball bearings because that is what was causing trouble spinning the fidget.

So in this instructable i would be telling you how to open up your Fidget and do the cleaning .

So lets do it...

Step 1: Materials Required

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You require the following materialsto get your spinner spinning




>flat edged screw driver


Step 2: Open the Fidget Cap

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Using a flat edged screw driver remove the caps from both the side of the Fidget Spinner.

Step 3: Open the Metal Casing

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My Fidget spinner had a ZZ809 metal casing.

Metal casing which protects the bearings from coming in contact with the external environment and help prevents dust and moisture depositing on the bearing.

Make use of a compass and remove the casing from both side carefully.

Step 4: Clean the Bearings

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Now that you have removed the Metal casing .

Put the bearing inside kerosene and stir it for about 2-3 minutes.

Once done you will get a clean and shiny surface on the bearings.

Step 5: Add Lubricant

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Add lubricant to the ball bearings which would reduce friction and smoothen spinning

Step 6: Build It Back

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Assemble all parts of the spinner again and now you have a Fidget which can spin longer than before.


Manuel Urdaneta (author)2017-09-05

After cleaning the bearing, don't put oil, it will run more time. The oil in bearings is to protect them against wearing and in a spinner, that is not a problem

No, it won't ! Lubricant will only improve the performance. It's oil, not grease. Thicker oil may slow it a tad, but won't reduce the bearings lifespan.

will try doing that also. thank you

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