Make Your FriXion Pens Last Longer




Introduction: Make Your FriXion Pens Last Longer

One of the most popular pens at is the FriXion brand. This is because the pens can erase. So you get all the benefits of a pencil with a pen!

However, many people are getting frustrated at the brand's ink drying out quickly. Instead of throwing the pen away, try this quick trick.


  • Your FriXion Pens
  • A Frig or Bucket of Ice

Step 1: Put Your FriXion Pen on Ice

All you have to do to restore your pen (if the ink isn't depleted) is put your FriXion pen on ice for 2-5 minutes.

Why it works: The secret is in FriXion's ink formula. The ink reacts to strong temperature changes. If the ink is hot, it disappears. This is why the ink disappears when you create heat by erasing. If the ink is cold, it reappears.

So, if you think your ink is dried out, really it's probably just in an environment that's too hot! Just put it on ice to restore the pen's function.



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