Step 3: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up
Take the male headphone jacks and install them on each cable. I won't go through instructions on how to do that, since there's plenty of resources available online.

I used heat shrink to not only protect the connected cable by securing it snugly in the connectors outer shield but to also denote which connector is left vs right.

Once that's done, you're good to go!

NOTE: After over a year of use, one of my ear pieces started to fall apart. I had not glued it back in place and did not want to. To fix the problem, I used a post-it note to create a shim to tighten up the two pieces of the ear piece. I ripped the non-sticky part of the note off and stuck the sticky side to the inside portion of the ear piece. I put two pieces on it like this, and now it's tight as can be. I think using electrical tape would be a better option (if a bit too thick), but I only had office supplies on hand.
maniacse3 years ago
Great idea! But since I do not any idea how to disassembly my AKG's, I'll be waiting till I broke some of cables and then I try to do something like this. Thanks again for inspiration!
shveet4 years ago
awesome idea but what if you have a mic attached to your headphones? would you just add another adapter on the headpiece and have a separate cord that goes to mic input? for me that seems logical enough to try.
maniacse shveet3 years ago
Or, if You have one-side-cable, You can use 4-pin jack instead..
hi i really want to do this with a pair of akg headphones my dad gave me. they look similar to the grados but i know close to nothing about wiring things like this... my dad would help me out with the actual work but do you think you could post a link to some tutorials regarding this, and if you can, links to the needed mono male and female parts? thanks so much.
Nick.D (author)  skateflip9773 years ago
http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+wire+headphone+connector will give you the results you're looking for. Specifically, the 2nd result is a decent write up.

The parts you can find at radioshack for a few bucks.
Did you notice any drop in sound quality?
Nick.D (author)  bobbybraswell3 years ago
None what-so-ever!