Introduction: Make Your Hoodie IPod Capable

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Wire your hoodie so you can listen to an mp3 player, cd, etc. without the teacher knowing.

A Couple Notes:
*DISCLAIMER*:Look, be carefull when doing this and all projects. I'm sorry if you or anyone else gets hurt, but because I'm telling you to exercise EXTREME CAUTION, I cannot be held responsible.

Also, this is not my original idea. I got it from a couple friends from school. We've made a couple mods to it since the original, but this is the basic most inexpensive design, so have at it.

Oh, and this is my first instructable so PLEASE DO COMMENT, let me know how I can do better, etc., but please don't tell me how bad the camera is, cause I know that.

And with that, have fun and good luck with this project.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials

You'll need to get these:

1. A hoodie
2. scissors
3. pair of headphone
4. music device (I used my XM radio)
And if you're one of those "OMG THERE'S WIRES ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!" type people, you may want to use
5. tape (I skipped this, though I recommend duct)

Step 2: Cut the Holes

Picture of Cut the Holes

First you're gonna want to turn your hoddie inside-out.

Locate the spot where the front pocket is. Take your scissors and CAREFULLY cut a hole. (kids get help from an adult with this part)

Now go up to the hood part and CAREFULLY cut TWO holes.

Step 3: Wire Her Up

Picture of Wire Her Up

Wire up your headphones according to the diagram and/or picture below, optionally adding tape wherever you see fit.

Step 4: Last But Not Least...

Picture of Last But Not Least...

Plug in your tunes, stash it in your pocket, and actually pay attention during math class (to your ipod, that is)!


flyboy11 (author)2008-11-10

haha my school we can have hats on so i made a headphone hate ages ago i dont use it often cuz my head gets to worm than i take it off

yerfdog123 (author)flyboy112009-11-16

you can really wear hats and hoods in your school?! thats awsome, but what do we do in the summer? lol

struckbyanarrow (author)2008-03-24

"kids get help from an adult with this part" what parent would let there child listen to music in class seriously think about it.

Kuhan (author)struckbyanarrow2008-06-01

I think it was a joke... Also, I believe you meant to use the word their, rather than there, as their is a possessive plural noun, meaning "belonging to them", while there is deictic adverb meaning "at that place" or "to that place" or similar, as opposed to "here". Additionally, seeing as you don't know there from their, I thought that I may add that they're is a contraction of the words they and are, meaning "they are". Thank You

Foaly7 (author)Kuhan2009-10-09

Yeah it's a joke. No instructable tells kids to get their parents' help with something. I'll probably get electrocuted by following one of these DIY guides.

struckbyanarrow (author)Kuhan2008-10-14

tHaT WaS So FuNnY I FoRgOt To LaUgH!!!

Oh my God, I thought stupid comments like this would stay fenced in over on YouTube, if I'bles gets that bad, somebody kill me.

999592 (author)Kuhan2008-08-23

WOW you totally just burned stuckbyanarrow. Total Kudos

rtgould (author)struckbyanarrow2008-07-20

I agree

sniper99 (author)2007-12-22


Labot2001 (author)sniper992008-01-02

the art of deception... surely a true "sniper" would know about that?

maykasaharas (author)Labot20012009-01-02

you nervous?

bowmaster (author)maykasaharas2009-09-09

It's my first time.

snakez (author)2009-03-06

um im not sure about you but what kind of school lets u wear a hood in class

Bartboy (author)2008-10-19

IN my school you must take your hood off, so nvmd this

jtb103 (author)Bartboy2009-02-12

bunch your hood up by your ears it works for me

Satyarth (author)2008-12-26

What i do is run my headphones through my sleeve and rest my head on my hand. Undetectable!

Labot2001 (author)2008-10-21

Hey, ever heard of Instructable's "Be Nice" policy? Try to get along now, kids.

2H2H (author)2008-06-18

We did this a lot and now they make us ware uniforms. WAT DO I DO!!!!!!!

Labot2001 (author)2H2H2008-06-18

Slip the headphones up your sleeve, and lean on your arm.

Candygirl (author)2007-12-06


clark (author)Candygirl2008-05-13


Labot2001 (author)Candygirl2008-03-14

NEITHER IS YOUR COMMENT lol, I'm considering "revising" this Instructable; It was my first, and also, it seems we've generated enough comments that I can try something new. ;]

csmiler (author)2008-03-30

hear is spelled H-E-A-R....not here(no offence)(you were talking about going to school...)hahahaha

nickstewartroc (author)2008-03-28

Nice, and by the way to those people who want kids to learn in school, i am one, but enjoy listening to my ipod after a test or "studying but nice instructable :)

PizzaPlanet (author)2008-03-09

I did this and accomplished listening to it WITH my hood down problem is was that the music was to loud and can be heard during test taking of if a teacher walks by :(

isl0veacrime (author)2008-03-02

if you cant use a hood or hat, just wire the headphones up your sleeve. and just lean on your hand. (: simple

dprs (author)2008-02-08

I wish we could wear hoodies at my school.

powercube (author)dprs2008-02-23

haha that sucks, you cant were hoodies?

brzmaniac (author)powercube2008-02-23

i think he means that u he cant put his hood up, well thats how it is at my school

powercube (author)brzmaniac2008-02-24

ohh, yeah you cant do that at mine either

othertonywilson (author)2008-02-13

In middle school, I cut a hole on either side of the hood, and in between the layers, I taped the headphones inside. But now that I have long hair, I have a pair of bluetooth stereo headphones, that are easily covered up. Then I use my bluetooth music phone, and sync the them.

nicee :]

shadowg (author)2008-01-18

sew a like tube for the wires

Labot2001 (author)shadowg2008-01-19


shadowg (author)2008-01-18

then theres the problem that peoples music is to loud P.S. im typing this in school

Spacekidkyle (author)2007-01-25

My hoodie has two layers, and I looked to see if your mod would work. I ended up realizing that wiring it between the layers of fabric would work better. If your hoodie has two layers, then cut a hole in one layer and wire it between the two layers. Personally, I think that wiring it through your sleeve is better, you can lean on it without being suspicious by wearing a hood during class.

highonlove (author)Spacekidkyle2007-02-01

what about when you want to whash it wont it like screw up the headphones?

dudeguy1234 (author)highonlove2008-01-05

dude. cut a hole in the top layer. put the headphones in. when you're done listening, pull out the headphones!!!

sniper99 (author)2007-12-22


ry25920 (author)2007-12-20

i think people listen to ipods after tests and stuff like that cause they're bored.

escapethefate (author)2007-11-28


kittyno (author)2007-11-24

an easy mod to this would be to put a little pocket inside the hoodie pocket, because none of my hoodies have very deep pockets, and the extra pocket would hide the light from the ipod screen a little better. you could even just use three safety pins and a spare square of fabric, really simple. someone else mentioned this first, but I thought I would elaborate. I'm gonna use this for my boring classes next semester!

Ora (author)2007-08-23

No offense, but what ever happened to *learning* in school? There wouldn't be nearly as many cool project on this website if the people posting them listened to music in school instead of learning. All of you on here who are thinking of doing this to not have to pay attention in school, please do the world a favor and make it a smarter and better place.

Labot2001 (author)Ora2007-10-02

i agree with your general statement, but when i posted this instructable i went to an easy school, so i was always bored. but yeah, learning is definately a better idea than wasting yuor time. HERE THAT KIDS? STAY IN SCHOOL thanks for the comment though

ianlikescake (author)2007-09-29

Cool idea. I would use this except im in midle school they don't let you put your hood up or wear a hat.

Labot2001 (author)ianlikescake2007-10-02

hey you can still use it. you dont have to put your hood up, in fact you can hear it better if its down. you just got to mess around with the headphones til you get it to sound good

pryofreak91 (author)2007-02-10

oh my freakin god you are all stupid. why do you have to make it so complicated. ok just put a hole in your fron pocket then run it up to your ears. thats all and you can hang them out your hoddie. besides you dont need to listen to them in class and risk loosing them.

Very Keri (author)pryofreak912007-09-26

lol! that's what i used to do back in the stone age when we only had portable cd players :P there's no need to call everyone stupid, though. chill out.

old_bass_masta (author)2007-09-19

kay, it would not ruin your hoody (mines 130$$) if its reversable, then stick it in the other sides pocket, run it to ur ears, put up the hood and zip up the jacket

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