Step 6: Instulation and Ventilation

Picture of Instulation and Ventilation
Insulation and ventilation are two techniques that can cut down on your heating and cooling bills. Not only is this important for the environment, but it will also save you tons of money.
Insulation is usually located in the attic of the house. This is used to keep warm air in the house during the winter. Without insulation you could be letting all the heated air out, which is defeating the purpose of having your heater on. Depending on where you live you need anywhere from 7-12 inches of insulation.
Ventilation helps keep your home cool during the summer by letting cool air in and hot air out. By opening large doors you are able to let in cool breezes, and to let the hot air out it is best to use ceiling fans and bay windows near the top of your roof.

Thank you for reading my instructable and remember to think green!