Step 1: CocoPPa App

You need to get this app it's freeeeeeee
Open it and then start an account on it

Step 2: Textnow

I haven't done textnow yet so that's the app I'm going to do!!

Next pic the design u want
Tap it

Step 3: Next!!!

Then hit "use this icon"
Then select the app your using it 4 (textnow)
Tap the app then name it

Step 4: Next!!!

It's going to bring u to safari
Then when it pops up
Hit the bitten it tells u to
Then hot add to home screen
Then it will pop up on your home screen
Place it whoever u want it

Step 5: Tadaaaaa

That's how it's done

Step 6: Open It!!

When u open it it will look like this then it automatically open the app


Don't delete the original app
Your done!! Please favorite and comment l!!
It's an app called coppapa
Whoops I accedently posted that 3 times sorry got excited.
Can't find it do u have a link?:(
Can't find it do u have a link?:(
Can't find it do u have a link?:(
Cool! I used the app it's so cool. I've never heard of something like this before
<p>This is so cool! It makes your phone look like a little quilt or something. Cute!</p>

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