Picture of Make Your Images Interesting with Galaxy Overlay
I have been doing galaxy overlay for years now and it never ceases to amaze me every time I experiment on photos on how they would look with a galaxy twist. This 'ible will show you the simplest way to make your images "more" interesting.


1) Photoshop - Any version will do, I used CS4.
2) Galaxy Photos - Stock images, wallpaper I downloaded from Google.
3) Subject Photo - Subject photo you want to work on.
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Step 2: Open Galaxy Image

Open your chosen galaxy image. Please be reminded that the galaxy image you would choose will be responsible for the pattern of the overlay. Do not mind the color of the galaxy if it is too bright, or the color is not compatible with your image. We can always change the hue and lightness of the galaxy image.

I've included three galaxy images you could choose from.

Step 3: Copy Galaxy Pattern to Subject Image

Copy galaxy patter to subject image and resize accordingly. To copy image just press and hold CTRL + A (Select All) and then CTRL + C (Copy). Go back to subject image and then press CTRL + V (Paste) to paste image. Once done, resize the image by clicking on EDIT > TRANSFORM > SCALE. Scale the image until the subject image can no longer be seen. Just click on MOVE tool once your done resizing.

Step 4: Choose Your Blend Mode

Although "Overlay" is usually the chosen type of blend mode for this activity, you may choose the appropriate blend mode for you. You can also adjust the opacity to your liking. For this edit, I chose "Lighten." You may choose to delete the excess galaxy from the subject image using the eraser tool. Just put the hardness down to zero for smooth transition.
bluzardo1 year ago
Amazing job!! I tought it was a lot harder but thanks to this now is something I can do!!
Analogue-Chick (author)  bluzardo1 year ago
Thanks! :)
ChrysN1 year ago
Wow, those look great, cool effect.
Analogue-Chick (author)  ChrysN1 year ago
Thank you! :)
ceanes1 year ago
Beautiful, please put some more samples.
Analogue-Chick (author)  ceanes1 year ago
Wish granted! I'll try to upload more tomorrow.