Make Your Own Invisible Earphones (including step by step video)

Picture of Make Your Own Invisible Earphones (including step by step video)
The video step by step tutorial

It is better to watch this video in HD formats.

How to use this invisible earphones?
        First you need to put a tiny magnet in one of  your ears or put two in both of  your ears. Then you need to wear a coil necklace which is connected with an amplifier. Next connect your mp3 player to the amplifier.  Cover the coil necklace and the amplifier properly with your clothes.Turn it on. Now you can enjoy music without being noticed by other people. You can use another small magnet to get it out.  This sort of Invisible headphones is sold on ebay.

(Warning : Don't put the magnet deeply in your ear. Although there is no medical proof that says magnets will cause trouble to your ear , it's better not to use this device for a long time. Magnetic fields can disrupt the operation of some internal medical devices such as pacemakers.Neodymium magnets are made with special powders and coatings, so they are very fragile. They are often plated with a metal such as nickel. The magnets can fracture at temperatures over 150 °C, or under impact as a result of their own acceleration. When this happens, in some cases the magnets may break apart so suddenly that flying pieces can cause injury.
Make sure that there are no magnets around you, when you use this device. These magnets can move with surprising force when exposed to another magnet or magnetic field.

If you don't know what you can do with this device. please watch this video. (Just for Fun
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Step 1: How invisible earphones work

Picture of How invisible earphones work
How normal speaker work.jpg
As you know, in a normal speaker. The magnet stays still.  The coil vibrates producing sound. Unlike the normal speaker, when this device is working , the coil necklace which is around your neck stays still.  The magnet vibrates in your ear producing sound. 
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Spikin663 years ago
I have made it and it work very well thantks to you ! i have the LM386-1 and only 3 accus of 1,5V !! i have put the tiny magnet in plasticine.
ael alami Spikin6611 months ago

please can you help to make coil necklace how mich turn i need for the best result

Spikin66 ael alami11 months ago
i didnt remenber very well but i think 60 meters of 0,28mm varnish copper wire , dt forget to take off the varnish before soldering

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uttam76011 month ago
How to connect (whatbto connect where) all wires batteries 3.5mm jack or any thing else in a purchased LM386
Vipul_p3 months ago
How to connect the coil to the amplifier?... Whr should it be soldered on the coil?

what is the # of the wire ?

what is the # of the wire ?

what is the # of the wire ?

Wire diameter = .25 mm(with enamelled or without enamelled)

how to make bluetooth ear piece

I make amplifier but did not work coil

omza4 months ago
Hi I want to buy earphone 5, which I had to do it the way I find not.
marvin.wilm.35 months ago

have i to use a 10 Ohm resistor or a 10 K Ohm resistor . I Need a fast question please

( sorry for my english i am German )

yousra2 years ago
To the people that say that the magnetic fielddof this device its serious Nicolo them what
For the regular speakers not so serious is the magnetic fielddd
Moroccan plz
dr.selimii6 months ago

Can someone make the Project on the Fritzing Please it will be very helpful :)

jmamonong10 months ago

will it work even the magnet is outside the coil?

tomjoe772 years ago
If I were to take this kit
and solder the coil necklace where the speaker should go, and then solder the input cord where the microphone should be, would it be similar to your design?
Or would it even work at all?
ael alami tomjoe7711 months ago

hi i have all done but i need how to make coil necklace and how much turn i need for the best result plz!!!!!!!!!????????

Frank_GuYun (author)  tomjoe772 years ago
Your idea is right. The only problem is that this circuit includes an additional operational amplifier LM1458 to amplify the small signal from the microphone.

You can watch this amazing 5 minutes video to know more about op-amp.
Frank_GuYun (author)  Frank_GuYun2 years ago
The output signal from a mp3 player is much stronger than the output signal from a normal microphone. So a LM1458 is used to pre amplify the signal from the microphone.
neoygeo6662 years ago
great instructable ill try it just one queestion... while more turns give around the coil more impedance? jeje sory but im not that much familiar with electronics and more ohms more power to the magnetic field?
Frank_GuYun (author)  neoygeo6662 years ago
You are right. More turns do give around the coil more impedance . But the increase in impedance is not the major influence in this case.

hi i have all done but i have a problem with coil necklace how much turn i need for the best result plz help me????!!!

asaoud11 year ago

thanks to this website you can see my invisible headphone (hearphone)

ael alami asaoud111 months ago

hi can you help to make coil necklace how much turn i need for the best resut

ael alami11 months ago

hi every body i have a problem to make coil necklace how much turn i need for the best resut????!!!!!

Springfielde12 months ago


I'm not understand how to connect the amplifier to the coil necklace?

It isn't in the description and isn't in the video! :(


amsifat1 year ago

PLEASE TELL me the Power of the audio amplifier circuit.

buche1 year ago
great project, i will definitely try it! But i am thinking about using small magnets like 1,5x3mm, they use it in similar ebay devices. Please, do i need to make some changes in amplifier or coil?
puyol151 year ago
Hello possible question please I want to know how many Voltage In this Capacitor 220uF ?
amahbouli1 year ago
what kin of wires connected between the coil necklace and the amplifier
sandy7com1 year ago
i wanna run that device at-least 3 hour
how can that possible ?
would this work without an amp?
haniups2 years ago
please tell me this device can work how long time?
Frank_GuYun (author)  haniups2 years ago
In the experiment , I use two Mitsubishi 9v batteries . It lasted about half an hour. I don't think we can use this sort of device for a long. Because it may do harm to your ear in the long run. This is for your Mission impossible. LOL
please frank watch my website about this projet
amahbouli2 years ago
Hi . Thank you for sharing this !! and i realy have a problem with connecting The coil necklace with the ampli circuit can you help me with that ( just some hints )
you find more information here
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