Make Your Lamp Steel Simply





Introduction: Make Your Lamp Steel Simply

Simple, novice with no problem at all.

Do not require weld.

You need:

- a disk cutter

- of the sheet steel 15/10 ème

- a lighting system.

Step 1: Prepare Your Sheet Steel

Sheet steel, or stainless in 15/10 ème.

Make a piece of 70 x 100 cms

Then draw 3 strips of 20 cms wide.

Step 2: ​Prepare Your Lines(features) of Folding.

Attention you should not cut completely, it is just necessary to make a line(feature) of cutting with the disk cutter.

The lines(features) will serve to fold the sheet steel.

Then draw your future cuttings of decoration, to allow to pass the light.

Step 3: Cut Your Décoration.

Cut your lines(features) of decoration (passage of light), then ébarbez and sand.

Step 4: ​Folding of the Sheet Steel for Training(formation) of the Lamp.

He(It) stays in you in fold according to your first one lines(features). You have to train(form) an isosceles

Step 5: ​Installation of a Lighting.

Here is your lamp is ended, you have to install(settle) the light of your choice inside. It is up to you to paint her(it), to decorate her(it), or to leave her(it) raw(gross).



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    umm, I love that pattern. Specially the intricate design

    Looks cool! So, is it a lamp that is meant to capture natural light?

    thank you. light led.

    Thanks for your com' ;-)