Introduction: Make Your Own Battle-Ready Airsoft Kit

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Make everything you need to take into battle in this bag.This is my first instructable and I don't have a camera so I did the best I could with Google Images.

Step 1: What You Need

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This is what you need.
-Drawstring bag (should be able to have an HP laptop fit inside)
-Mask or goggles
-Pistol and or holster (holster is good to have)

Extra magazines-it's good to be prepared if you or a teammate needs a quick reload.

Step 2: Attention Rifle-Users

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This pack is also great for rifle/shotgun users. Don't think that just because you have a rifle doesn't mean you don't need a pistol.
Pistols make great secondary weapons, along with sub-machine guns.

P.S.-If you noticed that your rifle doesn't fit in your bag (unless it does) than think about getting a strap.They help to carry it around, of course.

Step 3: Putting It Together

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Don't just drop everything in the bag and be done, they have a place. Put the BBs on the bottom because those are the least important.Then put the pistol, holster, and magazines.If you put the mask on top, you can put it on right away and have easy access to the pistol and magazines.The BBs are at the bottom because you have the magazines so reloading would be least important.

Thank you for reading, this has been a LaserTaser64 instructable.


SO4Jesus (author)2012-01-27

Cool kit.

jrg3ni0us (author)2011-06-30

Also need...

1. Water

2. Binoculars


Airsoft grenades (smoke, frag, dust, etc.)

Food coloring

Tripwire alarms

cmurdock1 (author)jrg3ni0us2011-11-03

why food coloring

jrg3ni0us (author)cmurdock12011-11-06

A lot of people use different colors of smoke to send messages. My team uses 3. red means you are injured on a hazard. Blue means objective captured, and we find that green smoke presents the best cover.

airsoft guru (author)2011-03-30

ya but why wod u have the mask in the bag when u should b wearing it?

bendog38 (author)airsoft guru2011-05-23

You have a point...

Thelonelysandwitch (author)2008-08-29

just get an airsoft tactical vest it holds all

I'd normally agree, but think: What if you had this AND an airsoft vest?

kve23 (author)CoolHat172011-02-05

hes got a point

garrett2729 (author)CoolHat172010-12-28

it would be both totally unnesacary and yet super awesome but you know wat would be awesomer dressing up as santa then putting all your gear on and instead of a stantard throw bag get xxl one then youd be a commando santa! :D

CoolHat17 (author)garrett27292010-12-28


garrett2729 (author)2010-12-27

dude y do you need bebes if already have more than 1 mag and if you have a holster just put it on your belt with your pistol in it and also i have a cmag for my ak tht holds 2500rounds so i dont really need extra mags all i need is speed loader

bob the slob (author)2010-03-13

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, uhhhh, what is the magizine for?

Builderman (author)bob the slob2010-04-19

He means the "clip" that you put into the gun that has the ammo inside of it.

Rock Soldier (author)2009-02-28

no point of a holster if it's in your bag.

luigisf (author)2008-07-21

bbs should be in a belt quick reload tool, pistol or secondary should be in holster, and googles or mask should be in...uhh...face?

freakboy100101 (author)2008-06-13

a pistol with a holster should be on your belt

good im not the only one who thought tht was weird!

littlewit (author)2008-06-08

you shouldn't take your mask into battle in your backpack, it should be on your face . . .

LaserTaser64 (author)2008-04-22

to ac1D, i see it that people should expect that internet users will use their pic if its on google images

very cool

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-20

You need better pictures, but nice idea.

ac1D (author)2008-04-20

great usefull instructable, but, the photo probably have copyright, so you should post link to where they wer taken. at least, you told you took the pîctore of other website, not like all the other who didnot. +1

Roxner (author)2008-04-20

didnt quite get it but.. when u dont have a camera just draw in paint :)

ChefAlex (author)2008-04-20

Great Instructable! I can really use this, but all of my Air-soft guns are currently damaged/broken, so I am looking forward to buying newer guns... I doe not really battle, but this adds a cool effect, makes it more "Realistic". I think you could of made better pictures, instead of just getting them off other websites, but overall this is a great and useful Instructable. -Chef Alex

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