This will tell you how to make a real, down to earth black hole. I swear this is a real instructable! Now, if you have the money, I invite you to build this project. Guaranteed that the FBI doesn't blow your house up first. So, I will also tell you that, because I haven't the money, I have not exactly done this. I CAN tell you that it will work theoretically. Multiple physicists and mathematicians have checked this, and it works. Please read all the directions before creating.

Now, I guarantee that this black hole is DANGEROUS!!!!! So please, make at your own discretion.

Please subscribe!! :)

Now, for the fun part.

Step 1: Buy a 10000 Terahertz Laser

You can find such lasers at price ranges from $10000 to $10000000. Please, I don't guarantee that all 10000 terahertz lasers will be enough, but THAT, is where you come in. Find the correct laser. Please find a good intensity as well. (More intensity, the better.) You can use lenses to increase intensity. I would prefer you to RENT a laser, because it is cheaper. If you want to, you can buy one. Or make one, if you can be sure they won't implode while you do this work.
Also, buy a beam splitter so you can split the laser to go all around the bead in the reaction chamber. That is why it is so powerful. Consistent energy from all sides.

I make my black holes and dark matter all the time in my scecret labortory .!
<p>how? </p>
<p>how does a vacuum stop the black hole from sucking everyting up?</p>
<p>okay I just need some 'help' to 'borrow' the lazer and reactor.</p>
Even if it could decay by hawking radiation....in the end it would release so much heat and light and EXPLODE!!! Actually 3x the power of the hiroshima bomb.....TOTALLY DEAD
<p>RCC is Reinforced Cement Concrete</p>
<p>RCC is Reinforced Cement Concrete</p>
<p>Man I so want to do THIS!!</p>
<p>Umm... it is a bit confusing when this is read so can you make a video of the whole process. I really want to make it but im really scared because im a bit confused.Thank you</p>
<p>If the carbon was shot the appropriate angle then I would have a spinning black hole or Kerr black hole. If two BH are bult simultaneously where the tritium, deuterium, hydrogen and carbon is quantum entangled then a wormhole should be created. Accelerate on the of the BH&rsquo;s. with a particle accelerator, then you have a time machine capable of sending a signal back through time</p><p>Since you have a time machine, you should be able to obtain investors, that will make billions on the stock market</p><p>BTW is that 10000 Tera hertz Laser or a 10000 Tera watt laser?</p>
<p>the reason for this machine is to stabilize the creation of or the existence of a black hole, since the blackhole con not theoretically just be created, it is a conjunction piece to a &quot;ladder&quot; that connnects all space time, whether it be 3d, 5d, or linear. it would need two ends, with two cosmically occuring wormholes, and this machine would be able to stabilize it and &quot;fine tune&quot; the travel within them, since they already bend their own space/time within specific points in the universe.</p>
<p>black holes exist and are worm hole filters for carbon based atoms. the science behind blackholes are simple and is the same science behind life and all things apparent in our universe. it is a hydrogen gap purely made from a magnetic reaction or &quot;gravity&quot; to condense it in one state being that it is almost impossible to physically collect and stablize pure hydrogen. it can only be done cosmically, or metaphysiclly in which case would create an impacted state of existence between hydrogen molecules in all space time, bringing its awareness that much closer or &quot;enticed&quot; by our own magnetic senses through light sound and smell. just a theory</p>
<p>black holes exist and are worm hole filters for carbon based atoms. the science behind blackholes are simple and is the same science behind life and all things apparent in our universe. it is a hydrogen gap purely made from a magnetic reaction or &quot;gravity&quot; to condense it in one state being that it is almost impossible to physically collect and stablize pure hydrogen. it can only be done cosmically, or metaphysiclly in which case would create an impacted state of existence between hydrogen molecules in all space time, bringing its awareness that much closer or &quot;enticed&quot; by our own magnetic senses through light sound and smell. just a theory</p>
Clever, but you do realize this won't make a blackhole that is actually dangerous. Even if a star the size of the sun collapsed and became a blackhole, it would only be about half a mile wide. But this would make a blackhole with a maximum size of a DNA molecule. Oh, and btw, that "simple computer" would need to be a supercomputer that could calculate the individual reactions between the dampening effects of the carbon, and the resulting fusion reaction in the Hydrogen molecules.
<p>im not a genious or a a scientist or anything but i would guess the carbon would give it the reaction it need to produce the same magnetism as a real black hole as they are mostly carbon based. without actual carbon, you would not have physical eveidence of its existence and therefore probably couldnt travel through it. the reaction i would call the necessity factor where things created are for purpose, so the rection would be the ned result for the inserted carbon, to return to a &quot;source&quot; pinpointed by the device</p>
And what use is a black hole that just evaporates into x ray's and hawking radiation anyways?
What use is a black hole? lol
Well for starters We could use a black Hole to warp the fabric of space Hence making a warp drive since space it self can be bend or warped we could use it to move space around a craft by feeding it small amounts of Ion's in which case the craft could carry large amounts of in a small space the fun part would be slowing down or stopping since we would have to figure out how to shut or make the black hole take a nap but then we would still coast threw space after the warp field shut down but again the ship would not be moving space would ;) ... <br>
This guy know exactly what he is talking about. And due to the irregular bending of space and time after the creation of the black hole cause anything near to be gravatationally pulled in and thus adding to the mass of the hole and in effect increasing the gravatational field? and what about destroying the singularity of the hole anyway?
Destroying a black hole's singularity would be so difficult as to give the most die-hard (&quot;There's no such word as 'impossible!'&quot;) optimist the blues...<br> <br> A singularity is an (almost) infinite mass of (almost) infinite density. There is nothing in this universe - nor, probably, in any other - that does not require more energy to destroy than to maintain, so you'd need <em>practically</em> infinite energy, properly focussed, to destroy it.<br> <br> But to achieve the required levels, you'd have to harness<strong> all</strong> the energy in the universe, <em>as well as </em>convert <strong>all </strong>the universe's&nbsp;mass into energy - which you can't do, partly because the loss of life would be <strong><em>far</em></strong> higher than the Black Hole would ever account for, but you'd also&nbsp;have to convert&nbsp;<strong>all</strong> the singularities in the universe into energy...<br> <br> So, the destruction of the singularity you're aiming at (ignoring the fact that you've already converted the mass of your 'gun', along with its guidance systems, <em>and</em> yourself into energy)&nbsp;would require its own mass to be converted to energy, as well as that of <strong><em>everything</em></strong> else&nbsp;- which would then be pointless, as the singularity itself would no longer exist...<br> <br> And, no, you can't stop at converting the singularity to energy, because that would require almost as much energy as 'simply' destroying it.
just a shot in the proverbial black hole... but wouldn't hawking radiation rather quickly &quot;evaporate&quot; a &quot;small&quot; black hole, provided it's kept from nomming other bits of matter in the mean time?
Well, it <em>might</em>, but that wouldn't really <em>destroy</em> the singularity itself, 'merely' render it inactive - and that possibly only temporarily, given the constant&nbsp; energy generation state in/of space.
you are right but at the same time you are wrong.because all black holes are same in size nd it is actually a very very small dot....small means about 10^-33....It is called singularity....But what varies is the size of it's gravitational limit....higher the number bigger they look (actually we cant see them)..nd B.H would very bright if they didnt suck any photons....And now you dont really need a super computer for this kind of calculation.....because in the year 2001 IBM made one of the fastest mainframe super computer and it's computing power was 4.5 Tera flops/sec....but now you can get a 4.2 tera flops of computing with a 250$ intel core i7...nd if you use skull trail then bro you will get 8.4 tera flops...hahahaha...wicked right ??.....even a 199$ xbox 360(jasper) got about 3.1 tera flops...............
True, but I&nbsp;have a theory that larger black holes are actually made up on multiple singularities.&nbsp; I was stating it based off that.<br /> <br /> I always enjoy these conversations, because at the end of the day, no matter who agrees with what, no on actually knows.&nbsp; We're studying an object, like you said, that we can't even see, who's very nature is to prevent any particles from escaping it's field.&nbsp; I'm always willing to debate these things, but I&nbsp;never put that much faith in them. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> And also, the big problem with the computers, isn't necessarily how fast something can be processed, but how many things can be processed at the same time.&nbsp; You can't do it in a linear fashion, because your individual reaction calculations will be flawed.&nbsp; They must all be done at the same time.<br />
&nbsp;dont you think that those singularity would attract each other with tremendous force ??.....I didnt tell about speed...it was computing power....nd super computer are only used for high number of input nd out put.....to achive that in your pc you gotta use various input hubs............and super computer are also used as a analog to digital converter.......nd yes with the blessing of hyper threading of new intel's chip ur pc will be a super pc....bt mainframe super computers are the boss........I always thought that how it would be to put several 5870 in those monster sc !!!!
Do you work for Intel? You seem to be singing songs of praise about the i7 when cheaper and more powerful processors already exist...
cheaper more powerfull ??...can you name one ??
<p> <a href="http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/prods/components/processors/amdphenomiix6/amd/hde00zfbgrbox.html">This</a>&nbsp;is cheaper and faster than everything on <a href="http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/prods/components/processors/intelcorei7/">this</a> page, except for the Gulftown which is 4 times more expensive and only 300MHz faster.</p>
Oh c'mon guys, there ARE better ones out there, but have to be cooled in liquid nitrogen from the heat giveoff. The i5 and i7 are affordable ones that work very well.
just put a nvidia tesla and get cluster level computing !!
yeah but a cheaper AMD phenom II @ 3.2 ghz works better than the intel one. <br />
&nbsp;nope it aint.........amd doesnt got that computing power....no hyper threading nd power boost....core i7 870 is 2.9 ghz chip...bt when boost is on then it jumps to 3.6 with out any overclocking or additional cooling...nd its bus speed is much more higher.....
Our sun won't create a black hole, it won't even supernova, its 3 times to small for either.<br />
well then sun will grow and grow and grow and grow and grow until it reaches saturn and shrink and shrink and shrink and shrink and shrink and poof its gone
&nbsp;Yeah, the computer can literally be any computing power, as long as it uses one function...<br /> <br /> 007dna<br />
I&nbsp;reckon you could make that simple&nbsp;computer out of an old Atari.
I think he was just trying to say not to touch it.
<p>A word of advice to anyone else who might get sucked into a black hole: look for a bookcase. It will help orient yourself in all those new dimensions, plus if there is anyone on the other side, you can bang on the bookcase to communicate.</p>
<p>Hey. I got to the last step, but I decided I would tie a leash around it and keep it as a pet. When I left the chamber it kinda sucked up my dinner and then disappeared. How do I get my dinner back. Seriously. By the way, apparently its illegal to use those lasers. I learned that the hardway. Luckily my black hole could deal with the officiers.</p>
<p>I know this is probably an easy question to answer but how does firing carbon at the star make it turn into a black hole?</p><p>And, in that bead, when you say that the isotopes have to be completely alone, does that mean that they have to be separate from one another or mixed together? :P</p><p>Just curious cuz I don't always have too good an understanding of how the science of certain things work, thanks!</p>
In the directions you said you didn't EXACTLY make this. Then what did you make?
Thanks this really helped me destroy my home planet
i destroyed 8 planets including pluto. Thanks for your theory 007dna
It's a joke people
oh wow, that was awesome. Although you wouldn't have to worry about destroying your black hole at then end, Hawking radiation would take care of that for you
black holes are formed by gravitational collapse of massive stars, a star this size wouldn't have enough gravity to do anything
Massive stars = massive black holes, tiny stars = theoretical micro black holes. In the disclaimer, I did mention this was all theoretical. Just an FYI. :)
this will not work because a black hole this size would evaporate almost instantly
Now tell me, where did I say it would last infinitely? :P There is a reason theoretical physicists have recently declared micro-black holes &quot;extinct.&quot;

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