Let's start with materials:
-Wood lopper
-Wood chisel
-1 Screw and Screwdriver
-Some type of bowstring (I used hemp cord (No, not the illegal plant))
(And this is my first instructable so give me any advice you may have.)
(and sorry that the background is a random room. it was raining the day i made this instructable.)

Step 1: Step 1 Cut the Tree

Find a tree with moderately flexible branches (I used Tulip Poppler)
Saw down a branch to suit your length, but the width should be about 1-1/2 inches in diameter.  It's best to saw at the trunk.
looks a bit weak to me. <br> <br>i wouldnt string the bow the way you did it. i would make 2 slots on the side, at an angle so it becomes a nice line when strung. now only a small part has to break and your bow is gone. <br> <br>how much pondage is it?
Thanks for the advice. And I, honestly, am not an archer. I couldnt legitly hit a target to save my life. I saw one of my friends build a bow and i thought it would be really cool. I just kinda guessed, to be honest. If i do make another bow, i will defiantly follow this advice. And with the draw weight (if thats what you said), im not sure. I can pull it back easily, but then again, i have just about no muscle. The bow, if i would take a guess, would be 20-30 lbs draw weight. Thanks again for the advice.

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