Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

I use any cardboard I have or can find. It needs to be cut down, so you need box cutters, a craft knife, utility knife, straight edge, ruler, glue, paper, etc. Some clamps to clamp glued pieces help also.
love how you organize your desk!
Wow... this is great! I will use it to make my own boxes ! I like to bake and donate many pies and cookies as well as cakes to all sorts of things. Having to buy "bakery" boxes really hurts! Thank you so much for this instructable! Becky (2calicos)
Oh you do have fun with what you find.......great seeing your pleasure!
This lil picture makes the whole web worthwhile to me! Thanks for this! Its a great help. Are you familiar with Cartonnage? Im just picking it up now and struggling to find info online. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/zaferina/3517100996/in/set-72157601960380965/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/zaferina/3517100996/in/set-72157601960380965/</a><br/>
Thanks for your interest zaferina...I am not familiar with Cartonnage. I looked at your project on flickr and looks like you have it nailed! Very nice work...Cman
Thanks Cman. I think Cartonnage is the 'official' terminology for making stuff with cardboard. You should look into it and make your fortune showcasing it to the english speaking world! Crafts are the big thing during recessions ;O)............Zaf
Thanks for your Instructable on how to make a box. I've been looking for these type instructions and how to properly do it. Keep up the good work and I Apologize for the rude people who have nothing better to do than to knock your Instructables. They tell you to get a life? they need to get one if all they have time for is to run around posting negative comments to other's who are simply trying to help another. GREAT JOB!!
Are you a millionaire yet? Maybe the US government should consult you, these instructables are so simple, their brilliant, and I'm not trying to be funny. Keep your brain running, I need more stuff to keep me busy.
Poor as a church mouse, but thanks for all the kind words and thoughts! I like to stay busy....Cman.
this is the forth instructable in 2 days, your on a roll.
An instructable a day keeps the boogie man away...thanks. Cman
but still good job

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Bio: Retired, doing art work now. Great. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to do.
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