Introduction: Make Your Own Cheap Portable MP3 Player (Bluetooth, USB, AUX, SD Card, FM)


In this Instructable, I'll be showing you how you can build a really cheap and easy to make portable MP3 player. It supports all kinds of input format which includes Bluetooth, USB, AUX, SD Card and FM. It has a playback time of 6 hours and sounds reasonably well.

So without any further delay, let's get started.

Step 1: Watch the Videos.

The video contains detailed explanation of all steps for this build. You'll be able to make one for yourself after watching this video.

Step 2: Get Your Parts.

1. MP3 Decoder:

2. 2x 3 Watt Speaker

3. Bluetooth MP3 Player

4. PAM8403 Class D Audio Amp

5. 2x LM386

6. 2x 2200 uF Capacitor

7. 2x 100 nF Capacitor

8. 1x 470 uF Capacitor

9. 2x MT3608 Step Up Converter

10. 1Ah Lead-Acid Battery

11. 18650 Li-Ion Battery

12. TP4056 Li-Ion Battery Charger

13. SPDT Switch

14. Micro USB Breakout

Step 3: Build the Case and Do the Connections.

Refer to the layout for the case and the connection diagram for building the case and the making all the connections.

Step 4: Done!

Congratulations you have done it!

Enjoy your creation.

Thank you for reading.
Questions and comments are welcome. :)


rpotts2 made it!(author)2017-07-11

can you add a URL to link from Instructables to the video (I can't seem to find one)? this is the first time I've seen someone building the same thing I had an idea for, and I would really like to build this.

Tesalex made it!(author)2017-07-11

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Amit_Jain made it!(author)2017-07-09

what material is used to build case ???

Tesalex made it!(author)2017-07-09

MDF, 3 mm thick.

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