Step 3: Coating

Picture of Coating
Pour your vinegar into a small container. 
Place your choice of gauze pads in the vinegar. The pads will sink to the bottom when they are fully soaked.
With your pliers or surgical forceps grasp a single gauze pad and place it into your chitosan powder.
Gently shake the chitosan container side to side to fully cover the bandage.  Now let the bandage soak in the chitosan for 30 seconds

Double Dip (Its OK This Time.. Honestly)
Repeat this process 1 more time by dipping the powdered gauze into the vinegar and then back into the chitosan powder. A quick dip in the chitosan is all that is necessary for the second dip.

After you have completed coating the pad, place it on your cookie cooling tray or sterilized chicken mesh.  Have a baking sheet or tray below to catch any excess powder or vinegar droppings. 

You should notice that the bandage will swell after coating.  This is normal so don't run out of your house like a mad man/woman

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