Step 7: Directions for use

 Never use these bandages against someone"s will.  Simply place the bandage onto the bleeding wound and watch it work.  It should clot within minutes.  

To remove the bandage simply pour water in and around the bandage.  The water will break the bond and release the bandage.  It will not hurt the patient or victim to apply the bandage but it WILL hurt if you yank the bandage off without applying water.

PM me if you have any questions! Thanks!
mrguy191875 years ago
We used these in the Army and I just wanted to add a note. If you have a serious gash or really deep cut or puncture and blood loss is a serious issue to the point that life may be in danger, don't mess around putting these guys on the outside of the wound. Stuff them in there as far as you can without doing more damage. Break them or tear them or fold them to get the bandage in there deep, because if an artery is damaged, just clotting the surface won't immediately stop that bleeding and their life could still be in danger. The closer you get that chitosan to the source, the faster it will stop the bleeding.
I think I might just get some Celox and sterile gauze off of Amazon for this kind of thing.

An interesting instructable though!
snapshotjxj5 years ago
 Great instructable! I haven't heard of these, but will be great for emergency kits I am putting together for my house and cars!