Make Your Own Creepy Eyeball Flower Arrangement





Introduction: Make Your Own Creepy Eyeball Flower Arrangement

Here's looking at you ! ! !

I love Halloween and all of the creepy, scary things that go along with it. I know that when the calendar hits October it's time to start decorating.

While thumbing through a magazine at the grocery store I came across a section featuring easy-to-make Halloween crafts. One of the crafts was a flower arrangement that had plastic eyeballs on sticks mixed within the arrangement. Although adorable, I thought the eyeballs would look much better inside the flowers. That's when I decided to make these wonderfully creepy eyeball flower arrangements.

These eye catching creations are very easy to make and can be a wonderful addition to your Fall decor.

Step 1: Supplies You'll Need

Vintage looking colored bottles

Faux flowers - Make sure to choose flowers to nestle the eyeballs within. I chose roses but any flower with a fluffy center will do

Plastic eyeballs (half round hallow acrylic, 26mm) - I got mine on Amazon

Adhesive - I used a hot glue gun

Step 2: Assembly

1) Using a hot glue gun, place glue inside the half round plastic eyeball then place it in the center of a fluffy flower

2) Place all the flowers in the bottle and enjoy

Step 3: Other Creepy Examples



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ADORBS! I love it!

Killer idea!

Thanks for posting! I’m going to do this today!

Amazing! I like how it is subtle, but creepy...will definitely take some people off guard!

Could you provide a link for the eyeballs?

Indeed !!! I had to look it up but ranunculus would be perfect for this

This is such a simple idea to add some serious creep factor! I've got to do this to the ranunculus in our house this year. :)