Easily make another cushtop without any real materials

Step 1: Materials

1 1/2 inch ring Binder made of vinyl
Power Adapter
I did this but used a exacto knife to cut some small circles under where the laptop is place and added some small computer fans !&nbsp;i had them running off a battery but i suppose with some mods you could run them off serial or Usb port<br /> <br />
bhunter got the idea of what it's for if you wanted to you could always glue paper onto it it will disperse a lot more heat that you think
but could start a fire in some cases
This is true. A friend of mine has a little tablet laptop and he got a second degree burn on his knee while he was in the middle of a raid on WOW! 0_0<br />
I've done this, but my laptop melted the plastic off the cardboard inside!
You could get a fan and place it in the binder
Great idea. It probably wont keep the laptop much cooler, it will not have your body heat added to the bottom surface, but it will no doubt keep you a lot cooler and loose wire kept tidy. I like it!
Ingenious laptop stand. I don't see how it would keep the laptop cool, though, since the vinyl will get hot underneath. Maybe perforating the top of the binder would work better if it doesn't reduce the strength of the cardboard sandwiched between the vinyl. I'm thinking also that the binder top eventually will warp from the weight of the laptop and the heat. But this would depend on how the laptop sits on the binder and where the pressure points are. All in all, great addition to the laptop stand department!

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