Make Your Own Custom Bookmarks





Introduction: Make Your Own Custom Bookmarks

About: i am a 14 years old student live in indonesia, i very like crafting, especially on paper

if you have a problem to bookmark your pages, this is your solution. this bookmark will not fall easily like other bookmark and will not ruin your page, you can also make it based on your favorite character or animal. in this instructable i will show you how to make a "mega scizor" bookmark . and what you need is :

1. a paper (use colored paper based by character)

2. colored spidol or pencil

3. ruler


Step 1: Make the Base

  1. make 3 squares, which every square size is 5x5 cm or you can use your own size based by your book.
  2. cut it, so it look like in the picture
  3. and fold it like the picture

Step 2: Make Your Character Face

  1. make your character face part, like eyes or else
  2. glue it together and glue it to the base

Step 3: Make Your Character More Alive

  1. make an additional part, such as hand,tail, wing or else
  2. glue it and see your character more alive

and remember, your limit is just your imagination, thanks for reading and happy making



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    8 Discussions

    Cool! Now I can make my favorite Pokémon for my books! <3

    Delphox, Gardevoir, Hydreigon, Celebi, steel origami dude and many others :3

    nice, this is very usefull because i love reading books


    1 year ago

    I love this :)
    Simple and useful.
    Thanks for sharing. You got my vote.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Bookmark easily fell
    0/10 not reccomended

    Jk it's pretty good
    Easy to make
    Its made of paper.

    I rate it 7/10

    1 reply

    but its easy to make because its made of paper , hahaha