So a few weeks ago I decided to make my own headphones, so I decided that would be my summer goal! Just recently I decided to make one and make an instructable for it! So right now I'll just shut up and show you the pictures!

Step 1: Tools and Parts

The parts you will be needing:
A sheet of plasic
Bondo, Sugru, or as I used, MIGHTY PUTTY!!!!
Thick metal wire
Headphone cable and small speakers
Earphone cusions
A rough shape
Electrical tape

And the tools:
Heat gun
Soldering iron
Hand Saw, or dremel

If you have those, Lets Get working!
(Not all the parts and tools are in the pictures)
<p>hi there , i like your input , give me your contact </p>
<p>Actually if you know how to model in a 2d program such as 3ds max or blender, you can create a 3d model then print it with a 3d printer or have someone (a website like shapeways offers this service) do it for you :3<br>It might not be as hands on but its still a useful piece of information to know<br>hell if i had the money I would print my own utensils, flipflops, dishes, jewlery, everything (they print in ceramic, metal, various plastics) xD</p>
<p>Whoops, type, 3D program** lol</p>
<p>Cool post! I just happen to be the same age as you :P I am curious about the drivers you used (speakers). I have a pair of headphones that I would like more bass response and overall sound quality for gaming, etc. You did not say much about the electrical part of the project. I am interested on what drivers you used and how they sound. Thanks, Squidyman</p><p>And the second to last photo of your project is really funny because it looks like your foot is way smaller than the driver XD</p>
You are going to do some great things in life. The fact that you are this creative and crafty @ such a young age is very impressive.
Is it a bit foggy there?
Nope, just bad camera
Ah, it looks like there is stuff on the lens, have you tried cleaning it? I had a five year old camera before my new one and I had a problem like this but it was just dusty on the lens
Well Its on a phone, but I cleaned it anyways
Oh, ok.

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