Step 12: Optional Accessories

Picture of Optional Accessories
Optional: accessorize your mau5 head with electrical tape X’s over the eyes or with LEDs or EL wire. (Look for other tutorials for how to work with LEDs or EL wire.)  I used EL wire to make it look like a Tron Legacy deadmau5.  What cool details can you come up with?
xxwerdxx3 years ago
I'm ordering my EL wire and I need an inverter. Idk what this is and which kind to get. What'd you do?
TofuCube12 (author)  xxwerdxx3 years ago
I'm in the same boat as you in that I don't know much about inverters, either. I bought a pre-assembled EL wire kit that came with a battery pack already set up with the wire. There was just a clip that connected a wire from the battery pack to the EL wire. The kits aren't cheap, but they saved me the headache of trying to make an EL wire setup myself. Here's the link to the kit I ordered (available in lengths of 3-9 feet):

Ryutso3 years ago
How did you hide the EL converter and the switch? Long piece of wire so it sits in your pocket?
TofuCube12 (author)  Ryutso3 years ago
If you look closely at the backs of the ears in the upper right photo, you can see the black rectangular battery packs attached there. (I used two 6-foot EL wire kits from www.thatscoolwire.com, one kit to light each side of the mau5 head.) I hot-glued velcro strips to the ears and to the battery packs in order to make the battery packs detachable (for easier loading and unloading of batteries). This was tricky, though, because sometimes the velcro wanted to peel off of the battery packs, leaving the battery packs hanging in midair. I'm sure there is an easy way to make the attachment more secure, but I didn't think of one at the time I did this project. Hope this answer helps!
It actually looks pretty nice and those battery boxes really blend in with the black.

What diameter EL wire?