Step 2: Main Headpiece

Picture of Main Headpiece
Cover your work space with newspaper. Cut lots of newspaper strips, each about 1”x11”. Inflate the beach ball, and place it over the plastic bowl to keep it steady while you papier-mâché. Mix two parts all-purpose glue with one part water in the plastic bowl with an airtight lid. Begin to papier-mâché: immerse a strip of newspaper in the glue solution, lift the strip out, and use your fingers to wipe the excess solution down into the bowl (see illustration). Carefully lay and smooth the wet paper strip onto the beach ball. Continue laying strips down in the pattern shown in the illustration until the ball is covered (except for the air plug). Tie a piece of string securely around the air plug, and hang the beach ball in the air to let it dry until the next day. Cover the glue solution bowl right after you finish using it. Repeat these steps until you have done nine layers of papier-mâché, and save any extra glue solution for more papier-mâché later. When the ninth layer is dry, deflate and remove the beach ball. Optional: spray-paint the inside of the mau5 head and let it dry.
ReDFoxx_143 years ago
how many layers do you need???
TofuCube12 (author)  ReDFoxx_143 years ago
Do you mean complete layers of newspaper? Nine layers, as it says at the end of the paragraph.
dodo10953 years ago
Do you have to let it dry after every/ an certain amount of layers or can you do it all at once?
TofuCube12 (author)  dodo10953 years ago
I let it dry overnight after each layer. Another instructables user said he used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.