Introduction: Make Your Own Extension Board

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Presented here is an instructable to make your own extension Board. Extension board is used for many purposes to extend the mains line. But it is necessary to have correct knowledge about Wiring in the Board. In this step by step instructable, I will show you wiring in the extension Board.

Step 1: Materials

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1. Switch

2. Plug

3. Plug Socket

4. Extension Chord

5. Board with screws

Step 2: Plug

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Now, we will connect the wires in plug. For this read carefully the pin names on the plug i.e. L, N, Earthing.

We will connect red wire at L, Black Wire at N and Green wire at Earthing Point.

Step 3: Open

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First of all open the plug and take out three wires from a thick chord.

Now, you will see three colored wires and we will do wiring on the basis of color code decided earlier.

Step 4: Wiring

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Now wire the plug.

L-Red Wire

N-Black Wire

Earthing- Green Wire

Step 5: Tighten

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Now, tighten the bolts and complete it and cover the plug.

Step 6: Plug Complete

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Now, the plug is ready and now its time to wire the Board.

Step 7: The Board

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Now, we will move on to wire the board. We will connect through one switch and the plug socket.

Step 8: Open

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Again Take out three colored wires from the other side of the chord and open the board to wire it.

Step 9: Wiring-1

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Connect a wire from switch to the L of the plug socket.

Step 10: Wiring-2

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Now, connect the Red wire to the other connector of the switch

Step 11: Wiring-3

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Connect the black wire at the N pin of the plug Socket.

Step 12: Wiring-4

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Now connect the green wire at the earthing terminal of the Plug Socket. Now close the Board and screw it up.

Step 13: Extension Ready

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Now, your extension is ready to power your home appliances.

I hope you enjoyed it and found it very easy....


Suraj Grewal made it! (author)2017-06-11

Nice work,

by looking at your name and brand you chose, i guess you are in Indiam market

conciering that, we can get the box part with sockets built into them for rs 30 and save a lot of money.

I only custom make it when i need special socket type (like the one here,supports us pins) and design asthetics.

Suraj Grewal made it! (author)Suraj Grewal2017-06-11

Notice the consistancy in design asthetics...

and also the hook for hanging my laptop's transformer and how my always on modem's transformer is fixed in placed,

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