Step 3: Sew Cloth Parts on Machine

To begin, I sewed the retainer piece of material to the band piece.  It is secured on both ends so that you have a closed loop to which you will attach the watch with the spring bars. For the band itself, I folded the material over 1/4 inch on one edge. I folded the other edge over 1/4 inch as well. I did this so that no frazzeled edge would be showing, and would leave enough space to insert the elastic band thru the "tunnel" created by sewing on both sides of the band at just a little less than  1/4 inch on each side of the band to maintain balance.
One of the best ways to get elastic through a channel is to attach a good-sized safety pin through the end of the elastic. Then you just feed it right on through with your fingers on the outside of the fabric. Works really well. :o)
Good to know, thanks.
Good idea! I can see this being quite useful to quickly change bands. I'd probably give velcro a try rather than the elastic, though. Elastic tends to dry out quickly in the desert and velcro holds up better. <br><br>I love your instructables! You are indeed creative. :o)
Thank you so much! I do want to try the velcro...it would simplify a lot of the process.

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