Picture of Make Your Own Fake Game Emulator Ad
This is in no way a real ad but just an animated gif that looks like an ad.

The reason I have made this is because it's for a film project  in my animation class. Our group wanted an emulator ad for our film so I volunteered myself to make it.

Sorry if it's very cheap looking.
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Step 1: Finding An Ad

Picture of Finding An Ad
(2) Find good ad.png
(3) copy and paste to paint.png
It's easy enough to find an ad by searching up Youtube ads through Google images. Once there, search through the different ads and find whatever one you think is good. Click on it so the image is larger then press the "Print Screen" button. Go to a simple program, like Ms Paint and paste the screen there.

I'm not using a complex program like Photoshop because not everyone has Photoshop since it's an expensive program. Not only that but it's a good program when dealing with small pixelated things which is what this ad is.

Step 2: Cutting Out The Ad

Picture of Cutting Out The Ad
(5) cut out ad.png
(6) paste ad to another paint.png
Now you'll need to cut out the ad that you want from the stuff that is around it. Press the select tool and highlight around the ad. Press cut and then paste it into another Ms Paint. You can just exit out of the previous Ms Paint, you won't be needing it anymore. All that is important is the one with the ad. 

Step 3: Erasing What You Don't Need

Picture of Erasing What You Don't Need
(8) Erase inside of ad, leaving border.png
(9) Don't erase the download button.png
Now erase everything that was left around the ad, but make sure you don't erase the border. Once you removed everything around the ad, erase everything inside the ad besides the border, you'll need the border to determine the size of your ad. Don't erase the "Download" button unless you want to draw it from scratch.
rolfy122 years ago
I like the cheapness of it. It fits right in with all those sketchy ads that you see online.