Introduction: Make Your Own Fog Juice

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Make your very own fog juice that is cheap and very effective!
All you need is a few things.

*What You'll Need:*

• Distilled Water
• Glycerin 
• Container
• Fog Machine

• Measuring Cup

Step 1: Distilling Your Water

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Distilling water simply means that you are removing the minerals that build up in small pipes, such as in a fog machine.

You may have a solution to distilling your water, buying distilled water is much cheaper and easier.

Step 2: Mix Water & Glycerin

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Very Thicker Smoke:
30% Glycerin | 70% Water

Medium Thick Smoke:
20% Glycerin | 80% Water

Less Thick Smoke:
15% Glycerin | 85% Water


• Make sure that your smoke is not to thick, fog can blur someone's
vision and make it hard to see where you are going.

• Measurements do not have to be exact, but should be rather close.

Step 3: Store in a Container

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Store your final solution into an empty, clean container you have. Make sure to store all unused fog juice in a container before storing it. Keeping fog juice in the fog machine can clog the machine and can also cause infections to grow in the liquid, making it become no good for use. Adding a few drops of bleach to each liter can prevent infections from growing.



Stargazer0506 made it! (author)2015-09-19

next time I will use more glycerin for a thicker smoke! thanks for the instructable

I'm curious what combination of glycerin and water you used? Also, if you've made it again, did you figure out what combination of glycerin and water works well for outdoor use? I'm going to be using mine in a "Ground Fogger Machine". They sell "Low Lying Fog Juice", but it's $24.99 a gallon! Did the fog seem to dissipate quickly? I'd like mine to hang around my cemetery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

DougS87 (author)iLive2Rescue2017-02-22

Hey, Low lying fog fluid only $16 a gallon, at

mitsured (author)DougS872017-10-31

Have you used this fog personally?

If so how well did it work?

DougS87 (author)mitsured2017-10-31

Yes, fog fluids work great.

Squirtle64 (author)iLive2Rescue2015-11-06

Try adding ice or cold water... Remember, heat rises, so if you have hot water, it probably won't stay on the ground for too long ... With cold water... It will sink nice and low and stay there... Sorry I didn't reply till after Halloween... Lol

Brokenfixedit (author)Squirtle642016-08-04

Cold fog juice will only make your fog machine take longer to recharge. The juice goes from the tank, through a pump and then through a heating element that turns the concoction into smoke. The best way (I've found) to make a low lying fog is to cool the fog itself. I made a very cheap low lying fogger by running a 3 foot piece of 1.5" steel pipe through a styrofoam cooler (about two inches from the bottom) and filling the cooler with ice. Then, just point the nozzle of the fogger through the pipe and as the fog passes through, it cools off and sinks. This is very inefficient, but works well. This year I'm going to pump cold water into a radiator and send the smoke through that to cool it off. It should be far more effective, I'll let you know.

mitsured (author)Brokenfixedit2017-10-31

How did the radiator work?

Years ago they used to use lead acetate for the fogging solution. It basically created a film over each particle of water. So it lasted for a very long time and made a lot of fog.

Don't use Lead Acetate in any application where someone might come in contact with it. Also, you will contaminate the ground or other materials where the fog lands.

w.ebenezer007 (author)Trelligan2017-03-14

You are ABSOLUTELY right.

Never play around with Hg(Mercury)/As(Arsenic)/Pb(Lead)/Cd(Cadmium) based chemicals!

aimeedanger (author)iLive2Rescue2016-10-31

My fogger has a reservoir for ice. If you can keep the fog cool/cold it will hover on the ground. If it's warmer than the outside air it'll just float away.

wnnorton (author)2012-10-09

Simply boiling water will not remove minerals. Distilling water would be accomplished by converting it to steam, then back to water, leaving the minerals and other impurities in the pan. What you have described here is a good way to sterilize water, but it will not remove minerals. The best way would be to purchase distilled water or to use a filter to remove the majority of the impurities that might cause problems.

andr3w99 (author)wnnorton2012-10-09

Thank you very much for that. Boiling water can be used to remove some minerals, such as the ones that cause water to become stagnant.

Thank you for your input.

w.ebenezer007 (author)andr3w992017-03-14

I'm sure you are wrong there. Water, on boiling vaporises and it is the vapour that is pure water. No minerals can be ever removed by just boiling, except for Ca/Mg(HCO3)2 (bicarbonates of calcium or magnesium) which form the precipitate CaCO3 which gets deposited on the vessel . However, in these times finding this "hardness" in water is very rare, and the fog might be contaminated by complexes of various 'other' salts and minerals present in non-distilled water.

Just for the info.

Great instructable and thanks for sharing :)

FreePvp (author)2016-06-02

Im gonna make it with very thick smoke :D

DanielK101 (author)2015-11-21

Hi guys, I'm not too sure if there's a slippery finish, I just wanted to make a suggestion that if you want a cheap distilled water, I'd recommend battery's available in all gas stations and it's truly distilled.

But, saying that, I do plan on using my new fog machine in an exhibition (tiled floors), I think I have to lower the glycerine content to make sure it's not TOO slippery, if a visitor slips and breaks their back, I'm in the deep end.

Munzermorrar (author)2015-10-26

hello. would adding a food coloring or some sort of scent, change the color or smell of the fog. and also, would it be possible to take this liquid put it into a container, and then like drop in something redhot and have same effect?

uakengin (author)2015-10-18

Thank you. U save my day ?☺

VICPETERS (author)2015-10-04

Is that vegetable glycerin or polypropelene glycol?

EboneezerG (author)2015-08-11

Making distilled water.

Distilled water can be created as a by-product of other devices in your home...

a) The ice that builds up in your refrigerator - though this can be quite dirty and contaminated with bits of food etc. depending on how clean you keep your fridge.

b) Water from a dehumidifier - this seems quite good. I'd recommend filtering it either through filter paper or through several thicknesses of kitchen paper to remove any dust. We use a dehumidifier to assist clothes drying and we produce several litres of distilled water every week. For long term storage, adding a few millilitres of isopropanol per litre distilled water seems to prevent any bacterial build up.

Leevallance (author)2015-02-05

hi, i have been using this recipee for many years in a large town centre pub, we have wooden floors and have never found them to get slippery from the fog juice, the machine is actually a hazer and it has a remote timer which is set to give out a lot of smoke for 6 hours a night.

ps i also thought that boiling the water was the same as distilling it, i am now going to change to buying the stuff. great instructable, im of to look at your led site now. :)

zlatan.banicevic (author)2014-12-28

If I may ask please; I bought a fog machine which uses mineral oil based fluid. I've still got a half jug of Water-based fog fluid from a previous machine. Can one use water-based fog fluid in a machine that is stated (on it's box) as one that uses Miner oil based fluid?

ninjatesshin (author)2012-10-13

I don't recommend this glycerin is oil and makes floor so slippery and dirty I know i used cheap smoke juice in my disco and I had to clean up whole floor

buy some disco smoke 5liter of martin super pro juice costs 20€ in finland and you can do about 10 disco gigs with one liter

and 5l of cheapy cost 12€
some cheap juice

andr3w99 (author)ninjatesshin2012-10-13

I use my fog machines outdoors on Halloween. Sorry, I didn't think about that, thank you for your input though.

OliviaF (author)andr3w992014-10-07

If you are using the fog machine on Halloween, what would be best to cover the area of a garden? I'm not really caring about the plants, but how much stuff would I need?

nox1468 (author)2012-12-07

so, i hate to sound like an idiot, but how do you turn it into fog? do you heat it? expose it to air? or is there some special way to do it?

rokubowlin (author)nox14682014-07-30

Well that guys failed to answer you bc he simple dose not know. My guess is based of of some facts. Like a fog a machine E-cigs work under the same conditions.
E-Luiquid used Glycerin, More specifically VG and PG (vegetable glycerin,

propylene glycol), Now, How dose this get turnned into fog. Simple really,Like like in my Ecig There is a heating element (Kenthal wire coil(s)) and some sort of wicking material that gos inside of the coil. Heres how it all fits togeather. When you put the Juice on the wicking .(cotton is what I use) then heat up the coil with and eclectic current if heats the juice in the cotton causeing a boil effect as you would see if boiling water. you get vapor,fog,steam. But seince VG has a higher viscosity of PG water and UPS rated will there for have the highest amount of fog,vapor production. I hope my explanation helped out.

rokubowlin (author)rokubowlin2014-07-30

I probably should have grammar spelled checked that but most of it is pretty easy to figure out where my mistakes are. Only thing is USP not UPS

andr3w99 (author)nox14682012-12-07

No need to feel like an idiot.
To make the fog juice turn into fog, you must purchase a fog machine.
You can purchase them at various places such as Party Stores, Walmart, and Target. Spirit Halloween also sells them.

A fog machine looks just like the one in this How-To's picture.



georion (author)2012-10-22

You Did NOT DISTILL THE WATER,you just boiled it/sterilized it.

andr3w99 (author)georion2012-10-22

I know. Another person has warned me about that. Thank you very much.

thegeeke (author)2012-10-15

Nice instructable! I have been a theater tech since I was 7, but I never knew how to make my own fog juice. I don't think I ever will actually do it, since it is indoors and as said this can make it very slippery (and besides, normally I have to use dry ice for my effects), but nice to know.

(I voted for you) :)

andr3w99 (author)thegeeke2012-10-15

Thank you very much. I use dry ice as well, but this is an effect that can also be very cool!

thegeeke (author)andr3w992012-10-15

Yes, it can be, but I tend to do high end theater productions (or at least high budget productions), so we generally have a pretty big area we need to cover. Most foggers can't do it as well as dry ice. I actually use foggers like this for hazers many times, because the hazers don't produce enough haze in a quick enough time. (So a fogger and box fan work well) ;)

andr3w99 (author)thegeeke2012-10-15

That is well understandable. If you ever need LEDs to build spotlights, I sell them on my website extremely cheap.

If you have ever bought them, you should know how much they USUALLY go for, but I am just opening my store up now, and have already been quite a success. Just in case you are interested, my website is:


thegeeke (author)andr3w992012-10-16

Nice! I'm not in the market right now, but I will keep it in mind... you do have very good prices. It's a nice "flashy" website (pun intended). You might want to check the layout on the home page by the order status link, it looks like the link is covering up something else. Also, it looks like some code is displaying as plain text at the bottom of the site text. Just a heads up. ;)

andr3w99 (author)thegeeke2012-10-16

Thank you. As I said, I am just getting started but I will work out those flaws now. Thanks

thegeeke (author)andr3w992012-10-16

No problem. I know from experience how hard it is to get everything right when you first put a website out. I did one for a ministry event recently, and I didn't even notice that I used the same contact information for two different churches until a week before the event! ;)

amandaghassaei (author)2012-10-10

are water and glycerin the main ingredients of fog juice that you buy at the store?

andr3w99 (author)amandaghassaei2012-10-13

Usually, glycerin and water are the main ingredients from store bought fog juice. Just a heads up though, this type of fog can settle on the ground and cause it to become slippery, as ninjatesshin stated.

Lectric Wizard (author)2012-10-10

Minerals do not cause water to become stagnant. You are confusing bacteria & minerals. The reason it's called diSTILLed water is that it is run thru a STILL as stated by wnnorton. boiling will only concentrate the minerals as the pure water escapes as steam. ( I work in the film industry & repair fog machines as well as many other types of equipment). Most of the fog fluid used in professional setups is based on a non-toxic substance similar to anti-freeze (glycol based). DO NOT use anti-freeze,it IS TOXIC !!
Other than that great instructable !!

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