Step 4: Divide, roll, and cut the dough

After you've rested your dough, divide it into eighths. Take one of the eighths to work on, and put the others aside, covered so that they don't dry out.
Flour your surface again, and flour your dough segment.
Using a rolling pin, roll the pasta out, rolling from the middle to the outside.
Then turn your pasta strip and repeat. Lift the pasta off the board as you turn it to ensure it's not sticking, and add more flour if you need it.

When the dough is as thin as you can comfortably get it (mine was between 2 and 4 mm thick) you're ready to cut noodles.
*Note: you can let your dough air-dry at this point for a few minutes. It will make it easier to cut . But don't let it dry out :)

I cut fettucine style noodles, which are just strips about 3/4 inch thick.

Flour your rolled noodle well all over. Then loosely roll it up.
Then, with a sharp knife, make cuts along the roll.

Unroll the noodles and you have your pasta!
<p>can this be made with Almond flour?</p>
Bravo! Who needs Bertoli!! I usually add the oil anyway to make trenette. I also like to make pasta with eggs also. 1 cup ap flour, 1tbl oil, 2 tbl water, and 1 egg. Fresh pasta tastes ten times better than the dried noodles. They sell fresh pasta at a premium in the store. Once you make your own pasta a time for two. you will never go back. I have a pasta machine, but still prefer the handmade rustic noodles. I like to take a rested dough spread it out in sort of a big square. I will flour it real will so nothing is sticky. I roll the dough up like a jelly roll. and then cut sections (cut perpendicular to the roll). that will be strips when unrolled. Boil the strips until cooked , remove from the water and then add your favorite topping to the noodles. mangia!
<p>Eggs are not vegan. We don't exploit animals, no eggs!</p>
<p>Your right they are not, but there are some people who have no problems with eggs. There is also vegan egg substitutes, </p>
<p>I've been reluctant to try vegan pasta as I suspect it will be like gluten free pasta and not hold together too well. I guess I wont know until I try it but can you tell me what the difference is in texture with vegan vs egg pasta?</p>
<p>People think they have no problem with eggs til they learn about the millions of little baby boy chicks who are ground up alive on birth. They put them on conveyer belts and drop them into whirling steel teeth of death. Of course boy chicks have no monetary value to egg producers aside from whatever [expletives deleted] they sell the ground up chicks to. I wonder if they charge extra for the pain they inflict. Maybe they get off on using a product that causes millions of babies to suffer. A baby chick's pain is no less just because he's tiny. His pain is still huge and horrible to him. They there is the stuff they do to the poor girl chicks, who grow up to live in terrible circumstances. Why would you eat anything coming from such a system? Then we can go on to the health repercussions from eating eggs . . . but I'll stop with the cruelty, it should be enough.</p>
Well done. I might have to try this tonight.
<p>I have a pasta machine.... Will this work in that? I just got it and have NEVER used it..... I have NO idea what I am doing... LOL!!! </p>
<p>This worked great. The dough was very workable and elastic. Who needs eggs in pasta?</p>
<p>Thank you for this post. I used this dough to make ravioli and it turned out amazingly. I added in a little flax seed just for kicks, since I wasn't using an egg. Here is how mine turned out: <a href="http://worldwidevegetarian.com/2014/09/vegan-ricotta-and-pesto-stuffed-ravioli/" rel="nofollow">http://worldwidevegetarian.com/2014/09/vegan-ricot...</a></p><p>Thanks so much for sharing!</p><p>Katie</p>
Thanks for the &quot;nest for freezing&quot; tip! That's super handy!
This is a good recipe. I used 100% whole wheat flour, and made tofu-spinach ravioli. I forgot to add the 1tsp oil recommended for filled pasta, but it turned out very well anyway. I'll be tucking this into my little recipe box for future use.
thats really nifty... i'm vegan and its totally hard to make anything f/ scratch... and then when you do it tastes well iffy. So i think tomorrow i'm going to start making myself up some noodles... i think this is so freaking awesome... Most Def.
Sta bene...
good information and I need it too
To hang noodles to dry: prop a broom handle horizontally (maybe between the backs of two chairs if they have the right design). Make sure you clean said handle really well (put down wax paper if you're feeling iffy about it). The width of the handle makes it much easier to handle the noodles and there's a lot of drying space! I learned it from a cookbook.
Rolling and then cutting pasta can be tricky, because if it hasn't dried out enough it can stick and be a complete pain. However, my sister spent some time in Japan and taught me a trick...instead of rolling to cut, zigzag/fold it down. Then when you cut it, it just accordians up instead of sticking in a roll. Or, you know, you could be patient and wait for it to dry enough.
you can use skewers instead of the cooling rack to hang the pasta. Just tape them down so they don't roll.
How much would the recipe change if one wanted to use wheat flour - or any other flour for that matter? Would one have to mix equal portions all-purpose and wheat flour or could full-on-wheat-action take place? Nice Instructable. Consider Some One Else - Stop Consuming Animals.
I have a question...if I make the dough, but don't have time to cut the noodles, would the dough be okay if I wrapped it and refridgerated them to cut later?
I think it would be okay for a little while, but not too long...it dries out pretty fast, especially without the egg. Give it a try! It's only flour and water, so if it doesn't work you can give it a go another time :)
Thanks. :D
carbo its VEGAN :) so no eggs but ya cool recipe for those vegetarians like me out there but for vegans remove the egg :)

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