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Introduction: Make Your Own Hacky Sack or FootBag

I just got back into hacking sacking (or whatever the verb is) a few months ago. I wanted to make my own though so that when my old ones get worn out, I dont have to shell out $10 each time for a new one. Ill call this the "beta sack" if you will.

Included are photos and videos of the creation. (Very poor video becuase I have a hoorible camera.)

I beg you to leave some CC if you have any ideas on how to improve this.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-Sewing Needle


-Scissors (damn I never speel that right)

-Material that you want to make the Hacky Sack out of. I used this felty thing I founf around my house. I suggest using scraps of leather or vynl. But if your like me, then you dont have Leather to spare.




Step 2: Cut Out the First Strip

Well start by cutting out first and second strip of the material. Measure and mark 2 strips that are 3 1/2" long and slightly egg shaped reaching 1 1/4" at the widest section. See below.

Step 3: Prepare the Needle

Double thread your needle by pulling one half through and foling the thread over.

Now tie the end of the thread together. See other photo.

Step 4: Sew Together

Keeping the nice looking side of the material facing inward (will later be flipped out) sew the two strips together as far to the edge of strip as possible. Make the spacing between each stich very very small (so inner filling wont fall out of completed sack)

Step 5: Continue

Repeat steps 2-4 until you have succesfully added your fifth strip.

When you run out of thread after a bit, make a loop and tie it off. Then repeat step 3.

Step 6: The Last Strip

Now, the 6th strip is going to your closer. It will be the last strip you sew, and the one that seals the deal. Repeat the steps, but only sew one side. Dont connect the ends yet. After you have sewn the one side, turn the Hacky Sack inside out, (or outside in). This will allow most of the stiches to be unseen. Now you can sew the last side from the outside. Be sure to leave the top and bottom sack open so you can fill it.

Step 7: Fill 'er Up!

Now that most of the sack is sealed, you will have top and the bottom of the sack with small openings. (at least you should) Fold the edges of one of the holes in and sew it shut.

Step 8: Fell 'er Up!

You can use a funnel for this step, but i just used a peice of paper.

Twist the paper up and put it into the top hole as shown below. Then take your filler, in this case it is rice, and fill the Hacky Sack. I dont like mine to be filled all the way so that i can do more technical tricks and delays, but you can fill it up however much you want. Now repeat step 7 with the top of the sack and close the intire thing up.

Have Fun!

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If you are having problems with regular thread breaking or tearing, use embalming string. Its what embalmers use to sew up everything when they are done and it is long lasting material that doesnt break hardly at all. I personally use it for any sewing i do. Especially on my pants that have been ripped snd torn. Now where to get embalming string i am unaware of places that sell it but what i do is make a stop by the local funeral home and offer a few bucks per foot of it

As a filler i used beanie baby guts and 5 carwash tokens for weight

Cool instructable, thanks for posting! For people looking for premium footbags I reccommend checking out Haniabag Footbag Shop for footbags handmade by World Champion Hanna Mickiewicz :)

I have never sewed but my mom can help. How should i cut the material so i can make the sack?

that is so cool but should it be full to the very top or have a little bit of empty space

u fishing line as thread it better then needle thread

For all those looking for filler materials, I have several suggestions, and you can mix and match depending on how floppy/heavy you want it:
- BBs (copperhead or other brand) - Too many of these will make it really heavy and it will hurt whenever you kick it.
- Sand - Your material has to have a tight enough weave, and your stitching has to be tight enough to keep this from leaking out
- crushed walnut shell - This is what Klutz uses for filling their juggling bags. Slightly coarser than sand, but noticeably lighter
- small gravel - think fish tank liner.
- Small electronics screws - for those of you who are constantly disassembling electronics and trying to figure out what to do with all the screws, besides throw them away.

1: The correct term would be Shredding or Popping. Shredding is much more popular

2. Good Instructable. I'll be sure to try this some time. Anyone know where I could maybe get metal beads??

And for those who fail at sewing: You should Google (used as a verb here lol) Dragonfly Hacky Sacks. It will take you to a website that makes amazing footbags. The shipping is incredibly fast and most footbags are high quality from therr.