Step 2: Attach the Ribbon to the Clip

Step 2:

Next apply hot glue to the top of the alligator clip, and attach the ribbon.

Love this design, its the first bow I started to offer on my online boutique on facebook lacy Wertz boutique... It started with this simple bow an helped me grow my skills from there, very easy instructions.....
<p>Hi,</p><p> Love the guide, this is how I started making bows, I use other methods too and would like to share how I make korkers Bow ( you can see them here <a href="http://www.bowunique.co.uk" rel="nofollow">http://www.bowunique.co.uk</a> ) , how can I pass you the guide to these?</p>
<p>i find that when i put the ribbon in the clip, it is easier to put the hot glue in the middle and lay the top of the ribbon down, rather than do that last while trying to hold open the clip.</p>
sorta confuseing
I just found this instructible. Looks great!! Im going to have to make some for my daughter and my neice who was just born. <br><br>Question though. Under Step 9 Picture 5 You have spiraled grosgrain ribbon. Someone told me recently that to make that you wrap the ribbon around a pencil or dowel and put it in the oven. Is that true? and if it is what temp and how long? <br>
Great instructible, thank you! BTW, I just bought some of that Hello Kitty ribbon for my daughters, what a coincidence. I'm going to try making that bow, looks great. Thanks again!
Thanks so much for such an easy to follow, step by step, left nothing out, instructible - just what I was looking for!

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