Introduction: Make Your Own Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Hey guys, I was watching Harry Potter and I really wanted a hogwarts acceptance letter, so I did the obvious and made my own and I really liked the way it came out, so I made it a template, so that anyone who likes my design can make there own, maybe in the future i'll maybe a envelope to go with it, i'm printing mine on parchment paper so that it will have the antique feel to it, thanks and have fun

feel free to add on as you wish

if you do not have microsoft word, I will be happy to make one for you and send you a pdf via email

Step 1: Version Two

this is a different version if you don't like the first one, this one is more like the original harry potter acceptance letter

For those who do not have microsoft word I would be happy to create one for you and send you a pdf. so you can print it off, please email me or comment below if you would like me to make you one for free I will need

your name

city or town (can be your address if you want but I wouldn't recommend putting it in the comments)

and your wizard nickname

thanks for reading and have fun


RunicWarrior made it!(author)2016-07-22

if you don't have microsoft word I would be happy to make you one for free

Azurith made it!(author)2017-07-17

I used these as party invitations for a harry potter themed party I threw. I don't have MS Word, but they work fine if you use Google Docs and open the file from there. You do have to mess around with the fonts a bit, bit I found some that worked well.

RunicWarrior made it!(author)2017-07-21

Awesome, hope the party was fun

AUGUSTO+VJ made it!(author)2016-08-10

wow great!!

I am going to make one for myself and going to keep in my cupboard.

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