Do you dream of being King of the cul-de-sac? Or how about Lord of the lawn? If so, then you're going to need a throne! We built a Game of Thrones inspired Iron Throne for our medieval-themed Halloween party. It's not, by any means, a sword by sword replica of the one on HBO, but it was a real hit. It's made of common materials and just takes time to put together. That sure beats spending 30 grand for an official copy!

Our main requirements were having a throne of respectable size and enough heft and durability to handle party guests (some in chain mail) posing on it throughout the evening.

We built this over the course of three weeks (although someone could probably reproduce it in at least half that time) with roughly the following materials:

- a plastic Adirondack chair
- 1/2" pink foam insulation - roughly two 4x8'sheets
- metal tie-down strapping, I used about 8' in length
- wooden yardsticks, I used about two dozen of them
- several sheets of 1/8" thick craft foam
- various screws, duct tape, liquid nails, and latex caulk
- latex primer paint, grey spray paint, metallic paints

And for the platform:
- 4x4' piece of 1/2" plywood
- a couple 2x4 boards
- one 2x2 board
- two stair risers (or make your own)
- two 1"x12" boards 4' long for the stairs
- screws and paint

Step 1: Finding a Swordless Seat

You can certainly build the throne completely from scratch, but you'll save time by starting with a chair to build off from. I found a plastic Adirondack chair that made a great, inexpensive (less than 15 bucks), and lightweight starting point. The flared, vertical slates of the back resemble the shape we're after and the high chunky armrests are a good foundation to build from.
<p>We made this for our Game of Thrones Christmas party. What do you think????</p>
<p>Looks amazing!</p><p>Did you use the same materials? And where is the backdrop from?</p>
We used a wooden chair, weed matting, we melted tons of plastic swords and used corners of a shipping pallet for the pointy bits at the back. The backdrop is just a plastic sheet from a props shop.
<p>Your work are awesome! How do you melt the plastic swords? And give them that shape? I really love your work!!! </p>
<p>This is fantastic! Great job with the painting and bending those swords :)</p>
Thank you! I used this to model up my own iron throne for a Game of Thrones themed roller derby invitational! Here's mine
<p>thank you! very helpful!</p>
Thank you so much for this article! I followed this and some of the photos in the comments to create mine. Glad to see more Thrones fans!! <br><br>Valar Morghulis.
Hi,<br><br>For my daughters 18th birthday, she wanted an iron throne as a photo booth, so I followed your plan as best I could. On the materials I used ;<br><br>- pinewood lattice (taken apart) instead if rulers<br>- lots of foam from a local retailer <br>- 1&quot; metal strapping (then covered each piece in black duct tape)<br>- construction adhesive<br>- fabric glue <br>- gap filler<br>- 2 coats of white undercoat paint <br>- 2 cans of black primer spray paint<br>- 1 can of metallic silver spray paint<br><br>All in I think the materials cost around $150 (Australian). I spent probably a full 2 days (excluding drying time).<br><br>A great project and with a bit of effort a great result.<br><br>Thanks for sharing the design.<br><br>Graham<br><br>
Thank you thank you so much! We made this under $40 thanks to you. Supplies were lawn chair, rulers, insulation foam, craft foam, duct tape, cardboard for the back and handles, and paint. I'm so excited to have this at our premiere party Sunday.
<p>Awesome, thanks for posting your work!</p>
I made this in 1.5 days. While I had to stray a little in execution due to time constraints. The core design and inspiration was from your post.
<p>A day and a half? Awesome! Great job in simplfying it to meet your super tight schedule.</p>
<p>I made one for the Halloween party last year. Everyone loved it, people were in line to take picture! Because of your post, I was able to make it. Thank you so much for all the tips and info!!! Especially, the foam strip idea. I think that's the most important part of making it for me, BRILLIANT!!!!!</p>
Well done!! This is what this site is all about :)
This is OUT OF BOUNDS! My daughter is doing a GOT themed senior project, houses=different groups of people. And this chair is a necessary piece of the project!
<p>This is amazing and I'm in the process of attempting to recreate it. I was wondering which materials you used for the last bit of swords that are pointing up and fanning out across the back.I was thinking maybe you used the yardsticks but I'm not sure where to secure them. Were they just made from remaining foam?</p><p>Thanks for posting this great guide!</p>
<p>Those swords are foam on the front side with a yard stick on the backside just to make sure they aren't prone to snap off. In addition to gluing them to the swords underneath, I ran a small bolt and nut through each one to the chair. The heads of the bolts are in a recessed part of the chair back.</p>
<p>Ahh okay! Thanks for the quick reply!</p>
<p>Great work! I made the Iron Throne this year for our Halloween party. Your page here was one of only a very few out there who tried. Appreciate many of the helpful tips. Here are the results. Hope you like it!</p>
<p>That's excellent work! Glad to have helped. Have a great party!</p>
<p>im not a game of thrones fan, but i like the &quot;throne&quot; and now i have a way to make it! perfect for a medieval party.</p>
<p>this is absolutely amazing!!!</p>
<p>This is amazing! What was your final cost? I'm hoping it's a feasible fathers day gift!</p>
<p>Thanks for the comment and good luck! It's hard to top the <a href="http://youtu.be/SZRpP_XxVpM?t=1m39s" rel="nofollow">Iron Throne when it comes to gift giving</a>!</p><p>The chair itself is probably $50-60 in materials. The platform underneath might be around $40 (but it was much less for me since I had most of that wood lying around).</p>
<p>Hi there, amazing job on the throne! I used your project for inspiration on mine. I am building a cardboard sled for an annual event at a local ski hill. The event is sponsored by Labatt Blue, so instead of swords I am going with a draft handle approach. The sled is still in progress but here is how it looks so far. Thanks for the idea and the great Instructable!</p>
Thanks for commenting and sharing your work! Looks like you'll be reigning over that ski hill for sure :)<br><br>Now, how do we get that dragon on front to breath some fire!?
That is something I want to do to it, unfortunately the race rules only allow cardboard, duct tape, and paint. So the fire breathing will have to be added after the race. To be continued...
Hi, would be great if you could email me please.. I&acute;d love to use a photo of your project in a print publication. Cheers &amp; best from Berlin - jens.thiel /at/ gmail.com
looks very good ,i collect swords from Renaissance fairs,go every year never miss one in fla <br>i have them all over my wall besides a lot of dragon stuff and medieval stuff
Nice work! Looks like a good bit of office furniture ;)
Ahhhhhh! This is so good :D

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