Step 5: Etching the names

Picture of Etching the names
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I am not an artistic guy.  I was worried that this part would be a disaster but it actually wasn't too bad.

The problem with this step is obviously you can't do it until you know exactly who is coming unless you feel like doing the entire invite list.  Once you start getting RSVPs, start cracking on your etching.

To begin, print out the text you want on your cards FLIPPED BACKWARDS.  You can use Open Office Draw (which I used) or another Draw program  to make a template for each card that is 3 1/4" x 2".  From there you enter the text and then use the flip function to make a mirror of the text horizontally.  You end up with backwards text that can then be placed under the acrylic.  I used the Open Office font "Segoe Script" in a size 22 font.  For particularly long names I found it was best to just bump the font size down a bit, anything size18 and above will still be plenty big.

Since you probably won't have your table arrangements done until all the RSVPs come back, just put "Table" at the bottom without a number, the number can be added later.

Take your time and PRACTICE before you start.  I'd recommend setting the etcher speed at 3-4 but your own personal preference may vary.

For the table number, just print out one template for each number, (make sure it's flipped) and go back and etch the numbers in once you have all your table arrangements figured out. 

(Note: The test one I did in the picture is a bit sloppy because I rushed through it.  Without rushing though you can still do a name in just a couple minutes)
these are definitely a great way to put them together. I have made some similar before. however to save time on this step ... my husband & I have a laser engraving business ... where we can laser engrave all your cards for you, and laser cut them to the size and shape you prefer. it's always an option and may even cost the same amount that you may pay for just the acrylic cut alone. just wanted to let you know that there are more options out there, that may make it easier for the newlyweds and still be able to do DIY projects all in one.
anfegori915 years ago
Maybe laser-etching is a good and better looking option.