Step 3: Apply the Leaves

Picture of Apply the Leaves
Next start attaching the leaves starting at the bottom of the lampshade. Some of the leaves mave have the same pattern so mix it up a bit. Apply the first leaf with the point at the bottom of the shade. Slightly overlap the edge of the first leaf with the edge of the next leaf. Continue all the way around the lampshade in the same manor. Start the next row with the tip of the bottom leaf overlapping the top of the row below and stager the leaf so it looks better. Once you get to the top, use the smaller leaves so it gives a tapered look. I used smaller leaves at the top of the lampshade only on the last row, but let the top of he leafe extend a little above to hid the top edge of the lampshade.

Ta-Da, your done. Put your lampshade on your lamp and enjoy. You can do this with almost any leaf you can find at the craft store so your imagination is your only limit. Have fun.