Step 3: Breaking Down the Components: the Shield

Okay, so if you chose to draw up the pieces, this is where you can check it against mine. I possibly made it harder than I needed to, but having built a ton of stuff like this, I really like to build up the process.

Okay so this is the shield. I made up a rough key to outline the main components. The colors are not indicative of the final product colors, but hopefully they will help show how the shield is broken down.

A: Triforce pieces - These were three triangular pieces cut out of 1/32" basswood (painted yellow)
B:Shield edges - These give the shield a little depth, and were cut out of 1/16" basswood (painted blue)
C:Head piece and buttons - These add more detail and were cut out of 1/16" basswood (painted silver)
D:Shield base pieces - This is the base of the shield. Everything glues on top of this. It is made up of three pieces laminated together cut out of 1/8" basswood (painted blue)
E:Bird pieces and basic sass - These parts make up the bird and the other general sass pieces on the shield cut out of 1/8" basswood (painted silver and red)
F:Red Buttons - These are the "jewels" on the shield cut out of 1/8" basswood (painted red)
G:Black Buttons - These are the three buttons at the edge of the shield cut out of 1/8" basswood (painted silver)

Update: I added a few PDF's since many don't have access to CAD. The files are "printed" on pages that are 24"x18"

Duuuuuuuude! You are totally right. Zelda costumes on halloween! No one knows who you are suposed to be!
I am having difficulty opening the file also.
Just uploaded some pdf's of the file. Its CAD based so if you cant open a .dwg file, then I am sure you had issues with it.
Thank you Jordan for the follow up!
i cant open the file I:(
Just uploaded some pdf's. This may help.
What are you trying to open it in?
wonder what people would do if i wore this to school........
You Guys Know Young Link Never Wore Pants
yea, he does, when he's a grown up
i mean in the first couple of games
technically, he wasn't &quot;young Link&quot; until Windwaker..which by the way, is the BEST GAME EVAR! sorry that I'm like 4 years late on thatxD <br>
Umm, Ocarina of Time?
theking said 'Young' Link.
Usually he wears tights, but in skyward sword, he wears PANTS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT!
I would get suspended. We are under a strict no-tunic policy XP
if the're nerds, they'll bow down, if the're normals, they'll laugh and knee you &quot;there&quot;.....actually, idk. =]<br/>
but then he'll have a shield to protect himself. smart huh?
i wore something similar to this on halloween and i went into slackers for trick or treating, and they filled my hat thing with double bubble bubble gum
At my school, you would be my hero... of time.
I would have to agree! My daughter loves Link and wants me to make her a costume etc. for Halloween but I can't download. Is there a chance I can get the files please! Thanks!
Shoot me your email and I will get you the file.
Would it be possible to send me a pdf of all the steps? This make-your-own Link shield is by far the best I've seen online!! :D
Something tells me that you actually wanted the shield edges to be painted silver, and not blue
I can't download the DWG file either. And I can't download PDF's because i'm not a pro memeber. Could you possibly email me the pdf file? :)
Do you want me to email the dwg? What is your email?
I'm trying to print the components out to scale but can't get the dwg to scale correctly. Any tips you can provide (I'm using DWG TrueView) or is is possible to convert to a couple pdfs with items to scale?
I am not sure how the viewer works. The rectangles around materials are 1' x 2'<br><br>If you cant get that to work, I will try to upload some PDF's <br><br>Let me know.
Coolest idea for this: Playing Zelda while wearing this! If you're playing crossbow training, it's almost like you're there. Just saying.
omg. you put up a .dwg im so happy
the costume looks more like ocarina of time than twilight princess
That's because Ocarina of Time was better.
i so agree, ocarina of time is way better than twilight princess
AMEN nerdy friend! <3 Love the costume but i agree, kid link didnt have pants...
Ocarina of Time was one of my favorite games. Majora's Mask wasn't bad, either.
yup very poor story...i mean&nbsp;COME ON&nbsp;A&nbsp;WOLF&nbsp;SRSLY?!?!<br /> oicarina of time had a great story...(and the halo custom edition map is pwnzor)
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the hat seems a bit... off. other than that, great!
Whenever I get emails from Instructables, I usually open the interesting ones in new tabs. Here's what I saw today.
Groovy this is very much appreciated!<br />

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