Tongs (Not shown)
Hammer (Not shown)
Glue (Not shown)
Beer Bottle
Large Candle

Step 1: Melt Your Candle

Get a small pot and stick your candle in it. Turn the heat on low. Wait. Check on it every few minutes. Be careful, you can burn the wax! If it starts smoking, take it off the heat.  Once the wax is completely melted and clear, take some tongs and fish the wick out. Set aside.

Pouring the wax:

Note: You will make a mess.

If you want, before you pour the wax, you can squirt some cooking spray into the bottle to make removing the candle from the bottle easier later on, but I didn't try it so I can't predict how it will go.

Stick your funnel inside the the beer bottle and *carefully* pour the wax into the bottle. Quickly move on to step 2. 
so what happens when you burn the candle? it seems like it would burn the label eventually
It probably would. I guess when you get down to that part you can peel the label off if you're concerned about a fire hazard. I personally probably won't burn the candle much because I want it to stay intact. Also, the neck of the candle is kind of hollow so it will probably burn inside the candle and bypass the label altogether. If you make one let me know how it goes!
Haha, that's a crazy cool idea :) Love that label you used too, very colorful and fun :)
Thanks! I made it as a Christmas present for my friend and I was just glad his favorite beer had cool labels. :)

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