Make Your Own Magnetic Sculpture

Picture of Make Your Own Magnetic Sculpture
How to make an cheap desktop toy that will amuse for hours!
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Step 3: Sculpt!

Picture of Sculpt!
Grab your nuts, and build things..
Depending on the strength of your magnets, you can make pretty tall structures.
Its a pretty simple concept with many different applications.
Riojelon4 years ago
Don't hot-glue gun yer magnets, mateys! It gonna weaken the magnet. I suggest you use wood glue.
mg0930mg5 years ago
My nuts aren't magnetic... Bad bun hehe... So I don't have a project box.
LOL!!.Please dont say that it hurts already...
Kaiven5 years ago
I gotta do this so badly! I just bought super power neodymin(?) magnets. They pinched me.
pyro136 years ago
Haha, i like it! Step three is funny ;D "Grab your nuts, and build things.." and can be taken the wrong way :P
Kaiven pyro135 years ago
is that why mine wont stick to the board? i use ho glue, so it might be a permant scukpture, and now i am in pain a lot. You can use aloe for burns, right? jk xD
MrUniverse6 years ago
That's cool! I hope I'll find some magnets to do this...
Nice. +1 vote. +5/5 stars.
n8man6 years ago
I see a certain robot in the background.
bumpus (author)  n8man6 years ago
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
I love to make these. It's an addictive time-waster and those are the best kind. I just need a magnet, I have a bunch of nuts and washers and screws.
Gjdj36 years ago
Thats really cool and it ends up looking like something you'd spend a lot of money on at a shop. Really creative.
Nice job. I plan on making one of these with neodymium magnets, to make larger sculptures.
bumpus (author)  plane phanatic6 years ago
The end result is maddeningly addicting.