Make Your Own Mod Podge





Introduction: Make Your Own Mod Podge

Step 1: What You'll Need:

Half a bottle of school glue Water

Step 2:

The recipe is half glue half water

Step 3:

Pour water into bottle halfway

Step 4:

Put the cap back on

Step 5: And Shake!

Until the water and glue are evenly mixed

Step 6: Clean Up Any Mess

Step 7:

The mod podge should be a thick watery, gooey consistency

Step 8: Craft!

Step 9: Now You're Done! Enjoy!



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    Watered down school glue DOES NOT MAKE Mod-Podge. Real Mod-Podge can be used as a sealer (instead of varnish) on "forever" projects this stuff can't as you cannot wipe over with a damp cloth at a future time as it woulkd turn back to glue. The only use I can see for this stuff is making glue go further for kids cutting and pasting kindy projects.

    Are there by anychance reports of how well this holds up and/or how the finish compares?

    3 replies

    This article explains it well, but to sum it up... the school glue and water  is okay for short term projects where quality or durability is not an issue.

    For a higher quality product, use higher quality glue and filtered water.