Introduction: Make Your Own Moon Globe(no 3d Printer Needed)

Picture of Make Your Own Moon Globe(no 3d Printer Needed)

Ever wanted to make your own mini moon .Now it is possible and even you will not be needing a 3d printer..

Just follow some simple steps to make it.

Step 1: Printing

this photo should be printed on a thin paper by a good quality printer.(more dpi better).

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

cut the stencil out carefully no white lines should be left.

Step 3: Pasting

Picture of Pasting

find a right size of ball and paste it carefully leaving no empty spaces.

after pasting all the pieces apply mare glue to the surface of moon this will give it a good finish.

Step 4: Finished Product.

Picture of Finished Product.


Gartholameau (author)2017-03-14

Really! I've made paper models for years and your finished product is not a paper model; it's a Photoshop picture of the Moon. Did you mean to post this on April 1st.

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